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Author Topic: [N!|AoMr|72%|YAVP] Who needs guns? Guns are for wusses! (Marksman Diamond)  (Read 12836 times)

Game Hunter

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  • Looks like game to me.
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I always thought Game Hunter's vids were post commentary as he seems to comment on events before they occur.
My very two first videos were post-commentary but everything else has been live. If anything, my mic audio has a +200ms delay, so I probably say things slightly AFTER they happen. Or maybe I've just gotten to the point where I can start predicting these with decent accuracy.

Now, the sound recording is giving me trouble. :|
Well this seems like a weird place to start talking about recording stuff, but I can be quick about it.

If you want to input (record) two audio devices simultaneously, you need two audio input devices with which to do it, or potentially an audio card with multiple inputs. In my case, I do everything off my laptop, which has onboard with only a single input. In order to get around this problem I've used a USB audio device, which has its own driver and thus can act as a second input. Originally I used a USB headset, which was simple enough, but it didn't have a very good quality. Now I use a USB sound card and plug my analog headset into that, which works a lot better (as you can notice by comparing my tutorial videos and basically everything else).

Splicing the two audios together is another matter. Originally I recorded the two separate audio signals to two separate outputs: one to CamStudio directly and one to Audacity; at that point I edited them together with Audacity and then linked the audio and video together. Currently, I use a product called Virtual Audio Cable (VAC), which allows you to hook up multiple inputs virtually, which removes the need to edit (and saves a lot of time).

If you're having trouble making the audio sound good at all, make sure you're using a Stereo Mix or similar recording device (informally it's called What-U-Hear) that directly records your speaker/headphone output. There's also the matter of interlacing and stuff but CamStudio's default settings worked pretty well for me.

In a tl;dr sense, if you want a setup that works you'll probably need to spend a little money or a little time. I was lucky to have a USB sound card lying around, but VAC cost a bit (even though I'd say it was well worth it). I really wouldn't suggest uncommented videos, especially in a game like this, as it can quickly become boring for the viewer: try to at least add some post-production commentary. And yeah, the files get big, so record bit by bit (there's a program called VirtualDub that makes splicing painless: use "direct stream copy" to maintain the original video when you do).

If you want more questions, drop me a PM instead.
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  • Ohohoh! Here it comes! Here comes the night train!
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As for codecs, I'll go ahead and recommend using this as the video codec for YouTube.
x264 Is much better, but YT has "trouble" handling it.

As for audio, FAAC would be cool of course, but I'd just say that you should go ahead and use good "old" LAME MP3.


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Thanks for the help, guys.  I'll be sure to use PMs if I have any more questions.

...if you want a setup that works you'll probably need to spend a little money or a little time...

That's what I figured...  I think I may have to put my plans for making videos on hold for now anyway.  The clinic where I had been working probationarily decided they don't need me any more, so time and money are tight for me these days.  I'd still like to make that Elite Platinum video I described above; maybe I'll do it for the next DoomRL version that comes out.  :)
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