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Common elements to victory

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Hey, if any of you checked out the YAVPs, the traits that people take seem to be common:

(all of them)cat eye
(all of them)eagle eye
(almost all)finesse
(almost all)tough as nails
others were SOB and ironman

and end inventory, everyone had chaingun but only 1 person had a shotgun.

it seems lategame it's all about long range combat:  if you get close, you get hit and lose health.  If you don't have cateye, you get shot when you enter their range.  I know that I can't even imagine winning if I can't ourange the monsters, I lose too much health if i try to use the shotgun.

(though shotgun is great in the early levels)

I hate the chaingun, I guess im a rapid fire weapon hater. I hate the rocket too, can't use it most of the time without damaging or kiling myself.

So I keep using shotgun, and I never made it pass an arachnotron. So I guess the shotgun ain't good then...

I prefer combat shotty over chaingun too, but, as with you, i never get that far :'(

I use double shotty a lot for later levels, I take a few hits this way, but they die quick.
Quoting: jake250I hate the rocket too, can't use it most of the time without damaging or kiling myself.
I use shot guns for close encounters, I switch to this when exploring small rooms and tight corridors, I quick blast and you can duck around a wall.  Switch to chaingun or  plasma when exporing cities and open spaces.  For rockets I first locate a baddie then step back and prepare the launcher then blast it from a safe distance.   Never explore new terrain with a prepared rocket launcher!!

when I use a shotgun, I always use coward stance.  monsters miss more often, and since you're using a shotgun your hit rate isn't affected (as far as I can tell).

I do something like max hellrunner with shotgun runs, moving costs less and reloads for you, and increses your dodge chance further.

Although in the later levels I tend to drop shotguns behind (monsters have too much hitpoints to be slugging out with in close range).


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