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:P I was kind of hoping to GM the first game, but I won't stop you from doing so.

Actually, it's probably better if I save themed games for (a) after people are used to the game in general, (b) after we get our own style of play going, and (c) after we've had at least one vanilla game.

I'd like to expound upon my earlier statement: if we don't get a 9th player, I would instead vote for night start.

I agree with Matt_S.

I'd prefer a Day start with an uneven number of players, but if the number is even, Night start is better.

Hmmm.. if you're waiting for 9th player, then I'm in.

Klear makes 9 players, so I'll go ahead and start setting up. It might be a little town-heavy, though.

EDIT: So, basically, 9 players means 4 days of voting. I'm not sure if I want to have three mafia, three pro-town power roles and three vanilla townies; or two mafia, two pro-town power roles, and five vanilla townies. It's really hard to balance for nine because it's so easy to upset the balance really badly.

If I give three mafia, then the game is guaranteed to go for at least three days, but the mafia would win if there have been no correct lynches on either day 1 or day 2 AND if the doctor fails to protect anyone. I would have to throw in more power roles for the town in order for them to stand a fighting chance, and I really don't want to do that.

On the other hand, two mafia members is really town-sided and the mafia has to fight an uphill battle, which would mean any power roles would make it that much harder for the mafia to win.

Of course, there's always the third option, but I want to save that for when we've played a few games and gotten to know each other's style of play first (plus, that option is a lot more fun with thirteen people)


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