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I suggest looking at the MafiaWiki. They have plenty of good, balanced setups, and you can easily look around for new ideas.

The current Newbie setup, 2 of 4, is pretty balanced and simple, with interesting roles, and I can highly recommend it.

EDIT: My player stats are on there as well:, and as you can see, I've run a few games. I have a well worked out and detailed ruleset available, if you think it would help you.

I actually prefer the players, rulesets and setups found on The Grey Labyrinth over the Mafiascum crowd; much more relaxed, much less metagaming. Plus, I've kind of already started sending out the roles anyway.

That's fine, to each their own keeps things fresh. You expressed some trouble determining whether to use two or three Mafia, and a simple solution is to give Mafia extra powers, which you didn't seem to consider, why is why is posted those links. Mafia power roles are pretty much SOP on MafiaScum.

i prefer night start just because it doesn't make sense to start lynching people until we have reason to suspect we should.
we can also day start with the first day having people be able to vote to not lynch anyone, that'd be interesting.

for balancing games with uneven distributions, i like to balance it in favour of the majority by a factor of the sqrt of the number of people they have.
so if it is a 1 vs 100 game, the 1 should win 1:10.  if it is a 2 vs 7 game, the 2 should win 1:1.87, but this is complicated by the fact that in mafia, dead people don't really win just because their team wins, however as special individuals have an advantage over vanilla ones anyways, the game is fundimentally unbalanced, so it is really a judgement call on the terms of fun rather than balance in the first place.

So when do we start the game? I got a role PM a while ago...

Also, dead people should win along with their faction. Vanilla townies have a very important role, and that is being cannon fodder, soaking up bullets that could otherwise go to power roles. If you have to survive to win, a lot of that is lost.


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