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Author Topic: [M|AoB|82%|25|YAFW] My first full win  (Read 2207 times)


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[M|AoB|82%|25|YAFW] My first full win
« on: January 08, 2012, 03:03 »

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Ummm... hi, first post =)

Anyway, I started playing DoomRL a while ago (btw, I still tend to read that "Doom Real Life") in, and I'm definitely getting better, though I never even tried to go after JC. With the new version, I decided to start from scratch and managed to kill the Mastermind on the first try, and with 100% kills even, another first for me! Either is this version easier, or it's just that I was playing mosty HMP (though I didn't manage to win yet).

Anyway, this was supposed to be a normal AoB run. Everything was going well, the monsters didn't give me much troubles and I had a lot of suplies. For some reason, I had ton of homing phase devices, which I didn't even use, since I had no problems with enemies. Still, I kept hoarding them, in AoB you have a lot of inventory space anyway. When I ran across the fifth, I was like what the hell, what am I supposed to do with these things? Why can't I find something more useful? And that's when I saw the invulnerability globe...

I picked it up, almost instantly teleported all the way to Dis, nuked the Mastermind and confronted JC. Now, I didn't avoid spoilers much, so I knew who to expect, but I had no idea what he's supposed to do, but since it was AoB, I didn't have to think about it. Just run at him and stab him. When the lost souls appeared, I just smiled and popped my Hellwave pack. The path was clear and I moved it, and stabbed and stabbed and... wtf he can teleport!?!
Luckily he didn't get far. I cut a new path in the lost souls (cursing myself for not waiting with the hellwave a little longer) and continued. Each round the souls kept gnawing at me and it was a real mess when I realized that JC isn't there anymore, obviously teleporting again and leaving me in a mob of lost souls and (as I just noticed) Barons of Hell. It was only then that I noticed he's dead rather than teleported. Phew.

So that's my first full win. I think I'm going to think twice before attempting to do it again. Or bring two nukes, just in case.

Edit: I just noticed in my mortem - there is a weapon where JC used to be. Interesting... And no, please don't tell me anything, I want to find out for myself... don't even hint. I'm still disappointed in myself that I read how to get full win.
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