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Funny thing at the Wall.

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I know, I know, how can anything funny happen at the Wall? But it did.

I entered with only 4 rockets and a load of doubt. I breached the wall with no rockets left :(. I moved up till I saw the enemy. I freaked out then used my phase device. I ended up RIGHT behind them. I could see 3 hell knights and 2 or 3 Barons. I thought it was over. So I decided to run for this door I saw. The knights engaded me in melee the entire way, and the barons and other hell knights totaly fragged eachother. NOTHING hit me. It was almost as if it sparked a war between them.

By the time i was near the door there was only a knight and baron left. I took out the chain gun because I knew the double shotty was too slow. I chaingunned the knight because he was closest. But the Baron fireballed him because he was in my way. Then I took out the baron rather easily. Because Iron man lvl3 and TaN level 2 with blue armor is GOD :D.

I grabbed the advanced launcher proclaiming my victory. Took the ammo. Ran out, I heard ALOT more roars. I freaked again. I only had about 63% health. So I camped and waited for them to come in view. As soon as they did BOOM. And they get pushed out of my view. They got me a few times but eventually I got them all. Then I exited and promptly died the next level at the very start because I only had 10% health :-P.

So dev's, what happened there ha, did they attack eachother on purpose? or did they just get stuck in the crossfire?

Stuck in the cross fire. If you have a demon in between you and a former captain, chances are the demon will die without you needing to do anything. There was just so many enemies that they all got stuck in other enemies crossfire, you were lucky to find the ONE SPOT that would make that happen.

PS. Using a PD in the wall? SUICIDE!

LAN fan:
Doesn't DoomRL have that feature where the demons fight each other if they get hurt by a demon not of their own species?

That's only if one starts a fight by accidentaly hitting another enemie. (I think)

Quoting: ThomasPS. Using a PD in the wall? SUICIDE!

Hey, I once got in the rocket chamber this way, and killed them from behind with the advanced rocket launcher. :)


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