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Dwarf Fortress - Chaosfortunes: Year 4 (anyone can still join)

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Update: Had to reinstall Windows, so progress was slowed.  My save was backed up to a thumb drive but its location is unknown.  There's only a couple places it could have gone so I'll keep you posted, reverting to the posted save if need be.

BTW, I'm losing interest in this if the reports are only reporting the stuff that happened without the dorf POV writing. I understand that not everybody has the time and patience to write out the story in a detailed way, but perhaps at laset some very brief summary of the year's events from the dorf POV wouldn't be so mcuh to ask? It doesn't have to list everything that happened. You could just write the most important events that the dwarf in question remembered and looked back at the end of the year?

I was going to do that once I had the whole year done.

Ok.. thanks.... carry on then =)


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