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Malek Deneith:
Mmmm. Just to give an explanation - aside from the above mentioned only-three-people-left problem (which is a problem - basing on the experiences thus far I'm afraid three characters would get very much murdered), I had during the recent weeks quite a heavy workload around the house, which in turn diminished my will to do anything requireing mental work (like creating the Cronies for you lot, or converting up the mini dungeon I mentioend to shark). And things are about to get worse since starting tommorow I'm going to actually have a job - granted it's part time and temporary only, but after some two years of unemployment I'm going to need a bit to get used to the different day schedule.

Due to this I'm afraid I'm going to need to put the game on further hold, until the time I pull myself together enough to be able to comfortably pick it up again. Sorry for that, hopefully I'll re-balance myself soon enough...

* Malek Deneith takes a deep breath and focuses his thoughts inward ;P

Malek Deneith:
* Malek Deneith pokes around
So yeah, admittably it took me much longer than I thought it would, but I feel like trying to get more skulls for the count try to see if I can get the game rolling again. Anyone out there feel like playing? S.K. Ren? shark20061? Motorheadbanger? New meat Other people?

S.K. Ren:
I am down. I believe my character is still on pastebin

Malek Deneith:
I'm not sure about pastebin but I have your, shark's Monk and the thief Motorheadbanger made stored.

Malek Deneith:
Right, the response looks as "staggering" as it was to be expected *sigh*

Well for the benefit of the two people that I know hold some interest, info on some changes/updates:
- The good news is that a few of the items changed to be/got replaced by ones that are cheaper or lighter
- The bad news is that after some reading and soul searching water rules are changed to characters needing 1 gallon of water per day. To carry those you'll need to use waterskins which weight 1 lb empty, 5 lb full (And carry 1 gallon each)
- The further bad news is that I'm bringing back in tracking animal feed. It's not very pricey, for normal mounts at least, but weights hefty 10 lb per day worths
- The end result is that packaging outfits changed yet again - they now cost more, in one case considerably. Weights also changed - three packs actually became lighter, one is unchanged, and three actually became heavier (Extended Excursion, Overland Excursion, Extended OVerland Excursion - the last one considerably so)
- For full details on new/changed items and outfitting packs see House Rule spoiler of the first post


Jasper Grindle (SKRen, should ghe decide to keep the character)
- Metal Flask in character's inventory is fairly useless unless you want it for non-water related uses.
- Wineskin (3 days of water) gets replaced with Waterskin (1 gallon). Potentially could add two more to keep the amount of water, IIRC you should be able to carry it without problems
- Modified encumbrance 43.55 or 43.3 if metal flask is dropped. 53.55 or 53.3 if two more waterskins get added
- Overland Excursion Pack carried by mule: replace Metal Flasks with 7 Waterskins, replace Iron Rations with Trail Rations, replace Winter Blanket with Light Blanket, add 7 days worth of Standard Mount Feed
- Dungeon Crawl Bundle carried by mule: replace Metal Flask with Waterskin, replace Iron Rations with Trail Rations, replace Winter Blanket with Light Blanket
- Modified mule encumbrance 216 (still in unencumbered bracket)
- NOTE: I noticed that you have a lamp but no oil to use it with

Sho Lee Wu (shark20061 if he responds and chooses to play)
- Extended Excursion Pack - replace Iron Rations with Trial Rations, replace Metal Flasks with 7 Waterskins, Replace Winter Blanket with Light Blanket
- Encumbrance doesn't change


FWIW I'll be introducing some stuff from Hackjournals. Going from memory the following will be implemented so ask if anything on the list looks relevant to your character:
- Druidical Training Tables (HJ 15, relevant only if using optional character generation training tables from Zealot's Guide)
- MonkTraining Tables (HJ 8, relevant only if using optional character generation training tables from Combatant's Guide)
- Called Shots, Critical Hits, and You (HJ 26, expanded tables for called shot modifiers and effects)
- Strength Bows (HJ 26, bows with Str bonus to damage, pricey)
- Fireing into Melee and Mayhem (HJ 24, some rules to help avoid friendly fire accidents)
- Skills, Talents and Proficiencies (HJ 23, modifiers to rules about learning skills post-character generation)
- Simpifying Friendly Fire (HJ 21, more friendly fire avoidance stuff)
- Fighter Fractionals (HJ 17, fractional increase tables for Fighter classes, relevant for level ups)
- Quivering With Delight (HJ 25, quivers and custom quivers - cost and weight of base quiver is in OP for quick lookup)
- Simplified Sibling Tables (HJ 15, makes rolling siblings less of a headache)

There's a ton of other stuff out there including talents skills and spells but I haven't sorted through it yet - feel free to ask though.


After some more consideration I decided to use the clothing tables from Good and Gear book. As a result every new character gets one of the the following clothing sets free of charge:

- Tunic (8 sp, 1 lb, 1 SP))
- Shoes, Leather, Simple (2 sp, 1/2 lb, 0 SP)
- Breeches (2 gp, 1/2 lb, 0 SP
- Belt (3 gp, * lb, 0 SP)


- Robes (9 sp, 3 lb, 2 SP)
- Shoes, Leather, Simple (2 sp, 1/2 lb, 0 SP)

Costs are given for reference, weights only matter if carried in back, if worn weight gets ignored as per base rules. SP stand for Style Points, which determine how "classy" your wear is which in turn will affect your charisma in relations with NPC's... sometimes (depends on a person and situation. A peasant might not care either way about your dragonskin pants, a snot-nosed noble might find them SSStylish, while someone from different culture might see them as peasant's garb :P). A table on SP effect:

--- Code: ---Style  Charisma
Points Modifier
 0-2      -2
 3-4      -1
 5-9       0
10-39     +1
 40+      +2

--- End code ---

If you want custom clothes to pimp yourself up poke me for more info ;P

@JASPER - In your case your common garments get replaced with first of the above packages. By the way along the way I noticed your encumbrance was a bit off for both you and the mule- it's actually 43.8 lb for Jasper (+.25 if you keep the metal flask, +10 if you want two more waterskins) and 221.5 for the mule.


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