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Might give it a try. Going for some kind of rogue character, perhaps.

Malek Deneith:

--- Quote from: Motorheadbanger on February 11, 2012, 09:41 ---I absolutely have no idea about what this is, but... Count me in.
--- End quote ---
It's an RPg (Role Playing Game) played by forum. If you don't know what RPG's are then, uhhhh... I guess you can take a look at the stickied Scales of War topic above - it's a totally different system, but it should give you at least *some* idea of how this looks. Or this short example straight from Hackmaster PHB.

I've never played Hackmaster or D&D and any pen and paper RPGs, but dying horribly sounds fun.  You can count me in.

Malek Deneith, so that's JUST the forum RPG. I see. I will play, but I usually have a lack of creativity.

Malek Deneith:
Well it's not like I'm holding a gun to your head or anything - if you feel like trying it then play, but if you feel it's not something you'd enjoy feel free to bow out.

Anyway in a few minutes I'll be sending links to the materials via PM to people who expressed interest. The step-by-step procedure for creating character is in Appendix 'I' of the PHB (Player's Handbook). Follow it carefully, and if in doubt - ask, ask, ASK. Especially people who declared lack of RPG experience. If you find yourself totally lost in the procedure - which can happen, Hackmaster isn't the easiest system to learn the ropes with - I'm willing to even go through the procedure step by step with you via PM.

Please roll using an internet die roller, like for example Invisible castle. If you can find patience to record the steps you take when creating the character this can be helpfull as it'll make easier for me to spot mistakes if you make any.

And to stress this again - while in doubt, ASK.

One house rule:

Every character has Language: Common 100% in addition to their racial language for free (and humans get only Common - screw regional languages, I'll have enough to track without 'em). This still counts against your limit of languages know, but you get that even if you'd normally be limited to 1 language.

Huh? How you ask? *waves hands* MAGIC!

PS. Despite the fact that I'm willing to help newbies learning this is still HACKmaster not BAAAAAAWmaster. You play what you roll, even if the rolls suck.

I might - keyword *might* - make an exception if you roll every stat below 8 or something like that but that's going to be case-by-case thing.


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