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Malek Deneith:
Rogahn the Fearless and Zelligar the Unknown. Even the youngest in Garweeze Wurld heard their names, and elders and sages speak about those two legendary figures with respect or even awe...

You have heard parts of the story before. Rogahn was a great warrior, his reputation spreading far and wide. Zelligar was as famous, though his cause the renown came from his mastery of art of magic. No one knows how the two men came together but whatever circumstances of their meeting it resulted in a strong bond of friendship forming between them, a bond that would last for ages. Not long after the pair disappeared from the view of civilization, and rumors started floating about them constructing some sort of hideaway, deep in the wilderness. Some even started whispering that their common motive was greed, or some evil goal. In any case they jointly led a life in seclusion, only occasionally venturing away from their secret stronghold to add to their reputations.

It wasn't until many years later, when from lands to the northwest came a great gnome-titan invasion threatening to engulf the Meletian Kingdom, that the duo surfaced yet again. Rogahn leading a small army of hirelings, and Zelligar wielding his fearsome magics faced the gnome-titans in a battle in a narrow pass, and forced the invasion back. Before they returned to their place of solitude they were richly rewarded for their deeds, and while most agree that bulk of the fortune was spent on furthering the construction of their hideaway, rumors said a good amount remained.

But the most exciting part is the most recent one. Last year Rogahn and Zelligar apparently decided to join an expedition into lands of Gnome Portectorates. Taking most of their hirelings with them, they disappeared into the lands of hated gnome folk, on a great adventure, which some think might've been asked by the very gawds themselves. Lately a word of a great battle in the gnome-titan lands reached your ears, along with speculation that Rogahn and Zelligar met their demise there. If that's true then their secret base would've been nearly unguarded and ripe for exploration... and ripe for the looting.

It's no wonder that when a passing grel hunter with a scar through his eye - how such an individual managed to let the guard let him in better left unknown - offered you to sell a map leading to what he believed to be the fabled hideout of the duo you decided to risk the chance of the map being fake and bought it after pooling your money. Banding together you quickly organized yourself and went on a journey, hoping that nobody else would find the place before you do...

Several days later you find yourselves near the end of the journey. Apparently during the last year civilization creeped upon the place Rogahn and Zelligar call home, since not far from where your map was leading you, you stumble upon a village - a collection of few small houses with a shoddy inn, barely capable old cleric and a marketplace that's visited by merchants roughly each Run'mar - that got settled lately. You spend the night, and the next day - Flur'mar, the useless day - before finally leaving early on the first day of new year. It's Sa'Mar of the First Week of Haar'Kiev year 174 T.R., the New Year's Day and the first day of Spring. The midday passed not long ago, and it's still a bit chilly, but you're warmed by the thought that the threacherous, narrow pathway you and your pack animals are traversing should lead you to your goal - a place marked on the map with the rune 'Q', at least according to what Maoun, being the only one able to read tells you.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)Riiight. For those new to this - IC means In-Character, OOC means Out-Of-Character. This is the IC thread, so all descriptions should be written from point of view of your character - if you need to say something OOC, or do something mechanical as pasting your to-hit roll use spoiler tags as I just did. The former recrutation thread will get re-branded into OOC thread, made for game related but not IC discussion. But that'll happen later today.

I'll provide a complete list of day and month names (as well as info on various ways years are tracked if I can find it) later on but generally Garweeze Wurld has fourteen months, each composed of four weeks of seven days each. There are also two Flur'mar - useless/cursed days, one attached to the end of 7th month, other to end of last month of the year. Run'mar is thursday, Sa'Mar is friday, Haar,Kiev is obviously the first month in the year.

I'm giving you all a bit of time to socialize or introduce your characters, I'll probably move on when most or all have posted something

Edit: Oh and everybody except shark20061 who got unlucky will have PMs incoming in a moment

"Oh, good lord, why should we leave so early? My head hurts like hell..." — mumbled Michael. He reached a metal flask, shaken it, unscrewed the cap, turned the flask upside-down and shaken it again. "Oh, fine. Gotta find some booze." — he said. "Where can I find some gawddam' rum here?" — he shouted, addressing no one in particular.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)Am I doing it right?

S.K. Ren:
    Maoun glided along as the party marched through the pass, his wings a shimmering blur behind him. The sun, still high, beat down on his pale ivory skin; a stark contrast to his earthen robes. His hair too was white, even more so than his skin. The brisk air of the canyon kept him alert, always watching the surroundings and the skies. Yes, the skies were the home of Maoun's greatest foe: Birds. It has always been unknown to himself why birds assault him instinctively, but the blighted things were a constant menace.
    "So... did anyone hear anything relevant to our target?," The silence, apart from his companion's sobered ranting, had gotten the better of him, "I heard that there are guards remaining, parting gifts from Rogahn and Zelligar. That and, if the rumors are to be believed, the complex is only two stories high; three if you count the roof. Though if you ask me I suspect will be some underground levels as well." The lack of a reaction gave Maoun pause, one thing he hated was wasting his breath. If he wanted to talk to himself, he could do it in his own head. With an mischievous grin he continued "I've also heard that the blighted place is haunted; riddled with spooks. So much so that even the very walls will speak to you."

"Well, I heard" — said Michael — "that both big guys are sitting there, and something about pools". The guy that told me this was really serious about those pools. He was also really drunk, however. Hey, guys, do you have some ale with you? Looks like I'm having one big bad hangover."

"I didn't hear nothing about no fools. Still, the road might be interesting, all the graves of adventurers who couldn't quite hack it... I think it's supposed to be one in five that doesn't come back alive? Still, it would be such a shame to lose one of you." Jace looks around. "As long as I don't have to go underground... hmm, that reminds me, did I remember to pack my powders?"


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