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Hackmaster 4e IC - Quest for the Unknown

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Sho Lee scoffs.  He does not care to "socialize" with the rest, as who really needs to hear what he has to say?  Words take precious time, and the less time spent on unimportant things -- like Michael's lack of booze, or Maoun's discussion of rumors, or Jace's absent-mindedness -- is more time for Sho Lee to focus on what IS important: Himself.

Lost in his own thoughts, Sho Lee trails a little behind the rest of the group.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)I'm stealing orange for my text, and I'm only saying this because I didn't speak.

Samuel feels his clean-shaven chin and his tidy black hair - always tidy up before an adventure, they say.  Unfortunately his physique doesn't match his looks.  Sam trudges along with the weight of his equipment bearing down on him; he gives his mule a light pat as thanks for helping to bear the load.  And he can't help but feel bit nervous after Jace's comment.  One in five...?

Samuel looks over his companions, trying to reassure himself of their competence.  They appear up to the task, but what about him?  He won't be the one in five... "No," Sam mutters, "nobody will be."  He can only hope.  Better not dwell on it, just get back on the subject of this complex.

"Yeah, uhh... I think I remember hearing something about pools.  There's a room full of them... somewhere in the place."  It doesn't take his mind off the danger, but he continues. "And the complex apparently isn't complete, or at least some parts of it."  Sam pauses to think for a bit.  "Also... Hmm..." Back in thought, he doesn't finish talking.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)Ah, reading would have definitely been a good skill choice :) Glad someone took it.

Malek Deneith:
While you talk the pathway you're traversing turns, and you see that a few hundred yards ahead it ends, leading to a craggy outcropping of weathered limestone. In it you can barely make out an outline of a cave-like opening, hidden beneath various vegatation.

"This looks interesting..." Always cautious, Sam grabs his crossbow from his backpack.  He tries to listen for any potential dangers.  Maybe this is just paranoia...

Spoiler (click to show/hide)I'll perform a detect noise check.  I probably am just being paranoid :|

"Leave me out of any competing, unless it's about who can sway the most fools." Jace blocks the sun out with his hands as he squints at the craggy outcropping. "Am I seeing things, or is there a cave in those rocks?"


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