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Malek Deneith:
Three simple rules of Post Mortem forum:

1. Use tags in the topic's name. Example:

[H|AoMr|86%|17|YASD] Viles suck!

Check the spoiler tag for details regarding the format.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)First comes difficulty:

E - (Easy) I'm Too Young To Die
M - (Medium) Hey, Not Too Rough
H - (Hard) Hurt Me Plenty
U - Ultra-violence
N! - Nightmare! (the "!" is nice for attention ;])

Then challenges (angels) :

AoB - Angel of Berserk
AoMr - Angel of Marksmanship
AoSh - Angel of Shotgunnery
AoLT - Angel of Light Travel
AoI - Angel of Impatience
AoCn - Angel of Confidence
AoP - Angel of Purity
AoRA - Angel of Red Alert
AoD - Angel of Darkness
AoMC - Angel of Max Carnage
AoMs - Angel of Masochism
Ao100 - Angel of 100
AoPc - Angel of Pacifism
AoHu - Angel of Humanity
AoOc - Angel of Overconfidence

(Retired angels: AoD&D - Angel of D&D; AoH - Angel of Haste)

Dual Angels are written with a '+': e.g. AoMr+AoD

Arch-angels of corresponding angels are prefixed with "Arch": e.g. ArchAoMs for Archangel of Masochism.
Only Archangel of 666 is written as ArchAo666 instead of ArchAo100.

Next are the numbers:

86% - first number stands for the percentage of kills (if this is 100% and you beat the game, you can omit it)
17 - second number stands for the floor on which the game ended (if you beat the game, you can omit it)

And last, the tl;dr:

YASD - Yet Another Stupid/Sudden Death
YAVP - Yet Another Victory Post
YAAM - Yet Another Asskickin' Marine (YAVP with 100% kills)
YAFW - Yet Another Full Win

You can then put some witty or eye-catching title after these necessary pieces.

1a. Tags for mortems involving modules have a slightly different format. You'll want to post everything as shown above, but precede it with another tag of the form "[MOD|mod_name]". Thus, you could have tag that looks like the following:

[MOD|Skulltag] [M|96%|21|YASD]

2. Put your mortem text in the proper tags. If you're using the full reply, highlight the mortem text and use the Insert Mortem button (looks like a red-eyed skull). This is how it should be typed:

--- Code: ---[mortem]
-- A yellow title wrapped in red dashes ---
DoomRL is yellow
Numbers (1 26 0.992) are displayed in yellow
Normal text is just grey, same with tile layout:

--- End code ---

And this is what it looks like:
-- A yellow title wrapped in red dashes ---
DoomRL is yellow
Numbers (1 26 0.992) are displayed in yellow
Normal text is just grey, same with tile layout:

--- End code ---

3. Unless the mortem itself is a significant achievement with respect to the mortems on these forums as a whole (Ao100 on Nightmare! anyone?) be sure to post a comment about the run itself or make it otherwise interesting.

Failure to comply to those rules will result in severe burns and getting slapped with a large trout a bit.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)February 03 '22 (GH): Updated angel abbreviations for

March 30 '11 (GH): Just updated it a little bit (new challenges, some clarifications). Also added a part to show exactly how the mortem tags work. Newcomers should read this first before posting in this particular forum (and its sub-forums).

June 14 '11 (GH): Made the "last level reached" clearer. The number should be based on what floor you died on (for instance, if it's Phobos Base 13, you'd put 13; if it's Phobos Hell 7, you'd put 22).

Sep 03 '11 (GH): Re-added Angel of Darkness in current list of angels, merged posts into a single one. The part about commenting less-than-monumental mortems is now an official rule (even though it's mostly a guideline, don't push your luck).

Oct 20 '11 (GH): Added explanation for module tags, reorganized the tag descriptions a bit.

Mar 31 '13 (thelaptop): Added nomenclature for dual angels and archangel content.


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