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I wish to know if I can turn character classes off in a mod, and/or edit the descriptions of traits. I also wish to know how I can open the non-core WAD files. I apologize for bumping this thread but I feel that it is the most prudent place to ask my question. Thank you for understanding.

The source for the mods on the server are pinned to the modding forum.  That is what is contained in the wad files.

I'll point you to the "Basic Doom" module I wrote for turning off character classes (or my workaround for it at least, you can't literally "turn them off").  The current version's code for doing that still works in 0997, it's in main.lua. (I'll be posting an update for the current DRL version just as soon as I fix my AI problem :(  )

Editing traits requires changing the trait's "full" field.  In <moduleid>.OnLoad(), you can try this:

--- Code: --- traits.<traitid>.full = "New Text"
--- End code ---
Note that this won't apply until after the module loads, which doesn't happen until after the first trait is picked.

Thank you, I'll keep that in mind.

GameHunter, it'd be great if you could possibly do a series of youtube videos on how to mod?

Rather than starting a new topic I wanted to ask a follow question to the original question posted about opening WAD Files.

If I want to modify LMB (Left Mouse Button) so that it does not utilize the mouse control features:
"                   travel to given destination, open door if next to it,
                     melee attack if on enemy and next to him. Travel needs
                     to target explored square, and is automatic as long as
                     there are no enemies in sight, otherwise just one move                  "

Can I do this by modifying LUA file via Notepad++ or like the topic above, am I going to have to open  WAD files?

**I am looking to use a stylus as my mouse input and would rather not literally move toward my targets if I somehow miss tap versus hover.**


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