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Possible Doom RPG


Okay-this is still a work in progress, but I was browsing my old files and I came across a half-finished and assed copy of a text based Doom RPG-it had its own assortment of new weapons and gear. I'm planning on finishing it, and if anyone is interested, then go ahead and sign up. It was essentally my own version of the doom storyline: It told the story of the Marine sqaud that was sent in doom 1 to investigate the loss of contact from phobos base, only once inside, shit flew. They took heavy losses, leaving only a handful survivors to report what had transpired. This group eventally found eividence of UAC experiments. Unfortunately I didn't exactly finish this story, due to time and family issues. I'm picking it up again, so if any of you are interested, just drop me a line.

I'm totally game to give this a go, if you run it of course! :D

I'm working on it now-although it's easier since I have some of the material already on hand. With a little alteration and some spit and polish, should be up and running soon. Maybe even today.


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