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Author Topic: Wasteland 2099  (Read 3945 times)


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Wasteland 2099
« on: August 26, 2012, 04:36 »

This will be my last attempt at an RPG-then its curtains for me...

Wasteland 2099

The year is 2099, the planet-Earth. This once lush world is suffering, it lands barren. The air, poison, and seas are like acid. The source is not nuclear war, but pollution. Since the time of the industrial revolution, mankind harvested the earth’s bountiful resources with greed, burning fossil fuels and polluting her waters with toxic chemicals and debris.

A dying Earth

As the world’s ecosystems began to fall apart around us and the air became a poisonous fume, the most brilliant and dedicated men and women on the planet began to search for alternative power sources. The research, despite major breakthroughs, ultimately failed-but not because of flaws in the research, but man’s refusal to accept and use these alternate sources: instead the leaders of governments and corporations were too obsessed with the bountiful riches that the old ways brought.

Thus, this marked the beginning of the near destruction of the human race. It started in 2057, first as small towns, lacking safe water despite the best purification techniques available began to suffer outbreaks of virulent diseases thought long wiped out began to spread-then the real troubles began. Healthy children and adults began to suffer symptoms akin to an asthma attacks, and many died as a result. It was discovered later that the deaths were the result of the pollutants in the air that had built up in the lungs over time.
Immediately, the governments and corporations began to turn to the researchers, who had once been rejected and denounced by almost the entirety of man, but it was too little to late-plants, animals and people began to die all around. As the death toll rose, the researchers came up with a solution-a structure of glass and metal called a bio-dome. These devices would ensure the continued survival of man by providing purified water and air, as well as basic necessities. Thus, like earth, humanity began to slowly die within these domes.

Discovery and the Corporate wars

14 years passed without incident-it seemed that mankind had given up the struggle for survival and had resigned itself to simply spending its final days in peace. However, some were determined to reestablish contact with the rest of the world. During this time, they began to develop equipment that would allow them to survive the toxic environment. Despite several setbacks, they were able to successfully venture outside the domes. What they found there though…was a substance unlike anything they had ever encountered. A new material had formed under the harsh conditions-a greyish-green-blue substance that, given the proper chemical reaction, could become anything-paper, granite…even diamond.

This substance, which would be later called pollutanite, would prove to be both our salvation and our damnation…

One would think that this new discovery would begin a new era of cooperation and harmony among humanity. But sadly, this was not to be. Mankind’s darker natures, believed to be born of conflict since our creation, once again would be our undoing. It was greed, a hunger to control, to horde as much of this substance as possible. This led to what was known as the Corporate ward-dozens of multi-billion dollar businesses struggled to harness as much as possible-the local governments were powerless to stop them, as they were wholly dependent on them for the goods that kept their nations going. For the next 17 years, the wars would be waged, wars that was fought as much as with words as they were with soldiers.

Yet…some good did come of it. A corporation known as the Shimiaski Foundation built what is known as the Genesis Project-a star colony the hung in low earth orbit. One that was lush with life-the life that was once abundant on earth. Every ecosystem in existence had been created on the new haven-savannas, prairies, forests. An inhabitable land, yet to protect it, strict curfews were enacted, and kill teams of drones were sent out with the mission of terminating anyone who polluted the once chance that humanity had of survival. Desperate measures for a desperate time, as the Foundation had to ward off continuous attacks from the other corporations-two in particular-Al-tec, which was a major arms manufacturer, and Sixcorp-a major corporation that had only just recently exploded on to the scene whose forces were equipped with nano augmented technology beyond even the most advanced nano-tech that Shimiaski had. Little did they know that the world was about to face a new threat, one that would seek to dominate them all-the Alliance

Enter the Alliance

The Alliance was originally founded as a joint US-European Military Program nearly 50 years before the pollution had taken its toll on the earth. Their goal was simple-develop the most advanced weapon and armor systems known to man, however, they began to expand-first into nano technology, then into genetic engineering. After the world began to fall apart, the Program went rouge and no agency, whether government or independent was ever able to trace them. During this time, they began to create soldiers, cloned troops whose genetics had been purposefully manipulated to result in some of the fiercest warriors ever known to man. One species believed to be the result of these experiments was the offshoot race of humans known as the Eldraen-powerful psionsists and soldiers, they were perhaps the result of them trying to force humanities evolution along, but were unable to control them.

During the 17 year period of the Corporate Wars, the Alliance began to silently observe and recruit, ranging from strong arm bosses to military professionals. Their plan was to attempt to bring all of them under a single, unanimous entity-the Alliance itself. When the Shimisaki Foundation unveiled the Genesis Project, it decided it was time to strike. No faction, not even the mighty corporations themselves were prepared for what came next: the Genesis War, or as the Alliance called it, the Unification Crusade. The struck with a precision that could only be described as machine like, they utterly overwhelmed the governments and corporate armies in the initial years of the war…

The Genesis War

So named by the corporations for what triggered it, for the first time in their history, the corporations were unified, but not by common interests, but by a common foe. Despite the massive scale and extreme firepower that the Alliance struck with, they managed to pull themselves together and hit back with a ferocity that set their enemies back on their heels. For eight years, a bitter war of extermination was waged, with the corporation’s personal armies versing the superhuman army of the alliance-a mix of their enhanced clones and natural born troops augmented with superior technology. As the corporation’s hope of winning faded two years into the war, the planet’s two leading governments-the North American-pan African Federation, the Eurasian empire, and South American Coalition began to back them.

The cost was horrendous-millions dead on both sides. As the Alliance was seemingly being pushed back on all fronts, they unleashed a new fighter-the Liberator Class clone. Designed to a true warrior, they were enhanced with a special gland that pumped supercharged stimulants into their system. These new Shock Troops gave the Alliance the momentum it needed, but in releasing them, they made one fatal mistake-the Eldraen, who had long been kept under guard and cruelly treated, had escaped due to brief lapse of security during the Liberator clone’s development. Fleeing to the Corporations side, they gave vital intelligence that led them straight to their headquarters. A group of mercenaries, soldiers and Eldraen Warriors led the attack, and managed to succeed. With the destruction of their central leadership, their armies seemingly vanished overnight as many of them were over run. The final cost is unknown, but many know that at least 3 million lives were lost, if not more…

Three years later, humanity has slowly begun to recover from the war. The Collation has fallen apart, and the petty squabbles have resumed. Despite the lessons of the past, we still fight across the planet in our greed for the pollutnite. The Alliance, which nearly succeeded in bringing mankind under its leadership, is nothing more than a bad memory and lessons that they taught in war were lost. Rumors persist the somehow, members of their leadership survived; if this is true, then dark times may once again lie ahead.

You can play a corperation-just no mega corps-there's already three.
You can have up to two chars with supporing chars
There will be a tech limit-3 signature techs-theses cannot pe reproduced unless they are stolen-after that-regualr tech can be reproduced.
No godmodding, Metagaming-you get the picture.
We all walk a dark path...for there are only shadows. Some lighter, and some darker...but shadows all the same.

For all life is a shade of grey.
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