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Alright-what i've decided to do combat wise-but I'd like your guy's takes-is if you are fighting someone-another player-you simply roll a twenty sided die against each other-higher rollwins-armor wise I'm borrowing our beloved colonel's DoomRL system-armor just simple subtracts damage, nothing more.

As for the skills/traits system-I'm going to do a point based system-you get 50 points to customize-play with you char. The more points you put into something-the more expensive it gets to use it. I'm debating wether or not to put a level system in

So far I have a few Ideas

Basic Firearms Training-You know how to handle a gun, and you don't fumble when you reload, or flinch when it goes off
Medical Training-You have extensive medical knowledge
Cyborg-You have been enhanced with nanotechnology and machinery-parts will cost points-this is you building your character
Psionic-You possess psionic abilities-this is nesccary to play an Eldraen character.

Any one else got any ideas?

A few questions before I start giving out tips.
1) What do I do with points? How do I spend them and what does it give?
2) How skills relate with anything?
3) What are you trying to achieve, what is the goal and stuff?


--- Quote ---you simply roll a twenty sided die against each other - higher roll wins
--- End quote ---
I'm a SUPER SOLDIER TRAINED TO KILL and I'm fighting against... a fatty lawyer. We have an equal chance of winning.
Just like that?
Life is based on skills. If you're more skilled in something, you have a higher chance to success. Rolls are just luck and coincidence. They can't simply be everything.
Making mechanics balanced is a hard, long work. Even those published for years now can have some balance issues. Don't try to make your own if you're starting, you'll either make something unplayable or become discouraged. Or both.
Just find something that can suit you and implement it. For example - Savage Worlds can be good to some action, but nWoD with all its Vice/Virtue/Morality/Sanity will do for more psychological play.

That gives me an Idea-perhaps depending on what you skills are, your roll is penalized or enhanced-I think I've got something lying around here somewhere in regaurds to cybernetics and psionics I can use and I've also got a system I can possibly used-provided I can adapt it.

This RP is somewhat post apoctolyptic-I mean pollution has made life pretty shitty.

You should really make the basics of your system work before you start on implementing cybernetics and psionics and stuff like that. In any case, if you really must design the system yourself, you should keep it simple. Otherwise you'll just get lost in it and it will be too confusing for you and (which is worse) your players.


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