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Author Topic: [Discussion] Shogun II: Total War  (Read 1886 times)

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[Discussion] Shogun II: Total War
« on: September 03, 2012, 21:15 »

So I finally got this game. After what, a year? Anyways this is a shout out to anyone who has it. Lets share silly stories and maybe team up for some co-op campaigns. Here's a little story I'd like to share about my current game.

Tokugawa, Hard Difficulty, Conquest Campaign

I had heard a bit of moaning about how hard this start was stemming from how stupid the AI is when it comes to defending territories. Shogun:TW did much better with keeping reserve units to defend the castle. So relying on the fact you start as a vassal to Imagawa I first bribe the army in my lands and pull out everything and attack their castle. Unfortunately I am a little short and have to wait. Oda attacks me and I trash him. I am then free to storm his castle next turn. So Oda's gone now, I have Owari and everything is good, except Mino wants a piece of me as part of a scripted(and historically accurate) event where they attack Owari.

So I take Mino too, and I take it by stealing his castle out from underneath him when he goes to attack me. I use this technique a few turns later when and other clan to my left (forget the name) attacks. I just swoop in behind his army and take his castle. And poof, his army disappears from not having a clan anymore :D But it gets better. Imagawa decides to invade Hattori lands which give me the excuse to invade Hattori lands, seeing as I'm still his vassal... and twice his size... works for me.

So I push in and take Yamato with a little bit of a fight (A lone Yari Samurai lol) and a few turns later take Iga because - you guessed it - His army was stuck in my lands. Now I'm three times the size of my 'Lord'. At this point I lay low for around 20 turns and try to build up my dismal economy... During this Ikko Ikki starts to conquor the northern sea board then dip down into Shogunate territory. And after capturing Kii, goes after me. Needless to say I lost horribly, partly because my Yari Ashigaru broke in under 5 seconds and started running despite still being at 90%+ health. At least he lost half of his army. Of course the AI is just as stupid as ever and the next turn I send a ninja to Sabotage the army (BTW, I have the +2 Ninja Rank building in Iga so my ninjas kick ass out of the gate) and succeed. I then send my garrison  (1 Y. Ashigaru and 1 A. Ashigaru) and retake the town and then proceed to take 4 more territories from him as he just face rolled them left them empty for some reason. I am now sitting at 9 territories to Imagawa's 3... uhh my Lord? I think we are a little lopsided, no?
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