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Shadowrun Recruitment: Highway to Hell

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I want to start a game of my most favored PnP RPG; Shadowrun 4th Edition. So, here it is!

Character Creation

- You can use 400 points to build your character
- Availability limit is 12F; anything above requires the "Restricted Gear" quality (Runner's Companion)
- I will allow aanything from Core, Runner's Companion, Arsenal and Street Magic

Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask!


You are part of a semi-cohecive team of runners in the Seattle area. The team is low on the Lone Star's shit-list, but still has a halfway decent reputation. The team has a knack for extraction- and retrieval-runs and the word is getting around. So much so that the teams fixer, a Jamaican Troll named Sanka, contacts you to inform the team that he potentially has a retrieval-run for decent cred if the team can make a arrangement with the Johnson. "Jah man, the man probably be corporate, man. All thinking he be sly and shit, but he don't fool the Sanka-man." the troll says with a smirk "But the pay ain't bad, so it be up to you. Do I need to make arrangements?"

Will you join me in Seattle?

I know nothing about this system or setting, but I'm willing to learn. And since Lesser of the Heresies is going slow lately (and I'm having a blast playing it), I'd be glad to join this as well, if you can point me to where I can learn the system and stuff. I'm a quick study in these kinds of things.

That would be no problem Klaer. To give you an idea of the system I'll try and discribe thing best I can without a Core Rulebook.


It is the year 2077... Cybernetics is a thing, all-encompassing internet with VR is a thing, magic is a thing.
Yes, magic is a thing and so are elves, dwarfs, trolls and orks!

- The Timeline of Shadowrun
- Some fiction to give you a taste
- Quick Start Rules (slightly simplified)

The Core Rules are available at DriveThruRPG

Best spend $15 in my opinion. I went the extra mile and got the hardcover.

I will see. I'm PROBABLY going to join this. I'll give a straight answer after building enough time and willpower to read the rules, text, fiction, etc.

OK, I haven't checked it out in detail yet, but is at least part of the Shadowrun world similar to this?

If possible, I want to be that guy =)


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