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very very nice !!

Damn it I loved this game back in the day. DO want it in RL form too. :)
Hope to see decent release of this soon enough!!

Can't say I ever loved in another game to kill germans so much. :P:P (no offense !)

WolfRL is well beyond the concept stage ;)

It is at the stage where I need testers and people who can come up with good random levels.  I also need a few engine features KK promised to do the balancing.  And I've moved back to non-TC modules for a bit while I wait on that (the mod server doesn't populate itself after all).

You need testers?
Sign me in!

Unfortunately my requirements are a bit high.  You USED to need svn access since it required the newest build of DoomRL; for now at least we can use the current one *but* as those 0998 features I need get added in I can expect that you'll need at minimum beta access.  Since you'd be working with the raw Lua files it would be very helpful if you could edit them.  And of course it's not a beta--it's an alpha.  It's not feature complete, even though it is close, so testing would be a radically different beast.

I do that sort of work on IRC so if you are interested in alpha testing WolfRL that's where you need to go.

I don't have the beta, and I probably won't for a while, so that counts me out. I'd still like to know how many of my proposed features are already in the game in one form or another.


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