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I've been jonesing for this recently. Hope it's coming along well.

With DoomRL being open sourced I have resumed this.  It has its own repository on GitHub.  Now that makewad and debug doomrl builds are available to the masses it is possible--not fun but possible--to play WolfRL in its current state.  With luck as WolfRL needs features I can add them to DoomRL's engine.

Can you share a build instructions for Valkyrie? Ideally without Lazarus, with fpc only?

Valkyrie does not have build instructions.  Free Pascal doesn't work like that I'm told.  Valkyrie simply compiles alongside DoomRL.

We're still working out a good set of build instructions.  There's a lot of back-and-forth on Github about that.  You can also try IRC.

is there a link for this if so please post it


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