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Most of the challenges are the same, only renamed and with new flavor text (and occasionally mod appropriate tweaks).  Only Oracle, Explosions, and the three weapons-only challenges are noticeably different.

OK, here's what I came up with. The head is unmodified from Wolfenstein 3d (not even scaled down), the body is recolored blue SS guy from your third screenshot - BJ is unarmed on the game sprite, and that would not do. Also, This way it fits (I hope) with what you have so far.

Edit: Forgot the shadow... give me a sec...

Edit 2: Done, plus an edited screenshot of how it should look in-game.

Edit 3: I think the gun needs to be edited a bit to make it different from the template. I'll leave it like this for now though. Maybe tomorrow evening.

Today I present BJ and his magic technicolor murderbag.

Wow... that is a lot of weapons and different ammo types...



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