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Author Topic: [Fixed][ Win] The best gun ever ! (Plus, strange bullet problem)  (Read 2643 times)


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I've just won a game with a technician, specialized in pistols. The game was quite easy to beat in HNTR, mostly due to my awesome gun, the like of it was probably never seen on earth or hell.

Behold... the Shamelessly Huge Ammo Magazine Storm Combat Pistol (SHAMSCP for short) !  (Screenshot attached)
This baby looks like a standard Storm Bolter you'd get from modding a Combat Pistol, delivers the same punch... But, you never need to reload it in a pinch !
"How to add such a huge magazine ?", I bet you are asking, and "How cool !  I want to get one too !", I hear you say. Well, fear not, my buddies, for it will be my pleasure to give you the schematics for this beauty.

Here is the recipe :
1) Take a nice Combat Pistol, just like those issued to the officers in the UAC.
2) Bulk-mod it, to add some ammo space. It should be able to hold 20 bullets.
3) Bulk-mod it again. Now, we're getting serious, with 26 shots ready to drop your foes.
4) Reload it fully before applying the next mod. You have 26 bullets in it.
5) Technical-mod it. Yes, you WANT to make it a Storm Bolter. That was the plan, remember ?
Now, after all this work, you are holding a true masterpiece in your hands. Just have a closer look at it, will you ?
Notice how it can only hold 22 bullets inside its magazine, but, look !  The 4 bullets that were previously there are now floating in the air, orbiting around it, ready to replace their buddies ! (26/22 ammo)
6) Reload it, now. I had much bullets in my inventory, and if you have as much as I had, you should see lots of eager bullets flock around, in a nice bullet hive. I counted up to 278 bullets inhabiting this stunning contraption, which is exactly 256 more than the magazine capacity. But fear not, as these bullets are only dangerous when fired, and make honest, clever, and devoted pets the rest of the time.

Now, that Physics experiment should have opened the way for another fun phenomenon.
Give your brand-new SHAMSCP a walk, and let it exercise a bit. Just open fire, several times. Then reload from stacks of stray, homeless bullets, in your inventory. I had a nice backpack to house a lot of them, and I don't know if it played a part, but I noticed some kind of... well, how to put it... reproduction ?

It would seem that the bullets had copulated and reproduced themselves while in the backpack, or whatever, because, while I used to have batches of 140 bullets, I found several times that they had grown to a full 65373 individuals, or figures approaching (screenshot included).

Now, those bullets aren't as friendly as the others (might be because of the overcrowding), and won't join their brethren in their joyful orbiting around the SHAMSCP (or enter the magazine of any 10mm weapon, for that matter). So, of course, I wanted to drop the ungrateful bastards, but once down on the ground, I guess most of them had vanished, because I was able to pick nice, normal bullets once again, and still have some to spare left on the ground. Notice, however, that their numbers had dwindled severely in the operation. I guess the slackers left hastily as soon as they hit the ground... (screenshot included).

(Analyzing the screenshots, you'll see I dropped the "65373" ammo, and the, I picked-up 141 from that stack, leaving 208 on the ground...
now, I don't know exactly what caused this, but I suspect it's linked to the overflowing ammo bug on the Storm Combat Pistol, and it was after reloading several times. Now, reloading doesn't always trigger this, but I found several times huge stacks, unusable, after reloading (until dropped and picked back again, that is)).
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Re: [ Win] The best gun ever ! (Plus, strange bullet problem)
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2012, 11:30 »

This has already been fixed for the next version: creating a storm bolter pistol automatically caps the weapon's current ammo to its clip size. In any case, thanks for the report!
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