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I've recently found a pack with all the sounds from not only DN3D, but the Life's A Beach and possibly Duke It Out In DC expansions. If you're thinking of doing related stuff, it could be useful.

I also just found the sounds from DNF. I still need the sounds from the two DNF expansion packs and the first two games, though.

OK, I should really start working on this some more. I've just posted a bit in the Babes section (and it's not because thelaptop announced his return either, I swear! I started writing a bit yesterday!)

I've built a brand new computer not long ago and I'm finally going through Duke Nukem Forever. It's surprisingly fun considering what I expected. It doesn't seem there are any interesting elements that should be cannibalized into DukeRL.

Next up is charater development, I see. I've been putting this off for now, but it seems I no longer have choice. I'll try to write something today.

I think that should come in handy at some point... great!

Your post had me looking for images from the classic Duke Nukem (in all its sixteen glorious colours), when I ran into this. Bonus level?

Hey Klear, are we gunning for a TC or a mod?  This will determine how much new code we need to write other than just superficial item changes.

I think I can commit time to getting this done, so in either case it is still fine.


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