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Level features

- cameras were present ever since DN1
- in duke 3d, you can view stuff using viewscreens
- My (likely unfeasible) idea: a viewscreen object in the game grants vision of a different part of the level. Ideally, it would work for enemies too, so that if he walked in front of a camera, some enemies could notice Duke and move towards him.
  - I'm guessing this would cause problems with AI even if it were possible due to enemies shooting at Duke despite being on the other side of the map
- cameras would be destroyable, to prevent this
- alternatively, they could simply be invisible, i.e. not actually present in the game, only implied

- there were cracks in the walls in Duke3d that could be exploded to find shortcuts
- easy to implement; it just needs for most of the walls to be indestructivble and the cracks to be graphically different.
- I'd like to encourage the use of explosives in combat compared to DoomRL. Making most walls indestructible (or just tougher) would prevent players from leveling the... uh.. levels.
  - on the other hand, I'm not sure it's worth it to sacrifice the conplexity that comes from wallbusting. I think if there was a moderate number of destructible "cracks", it could work.

- I can't decide whether it would be good to include locked doors and keycards. More on that below

- two types - slimed and normal
- I've dedicated a whole section to this, though it's still empty. I'll get to it later

Room types

By this I mean things like vaults in DoomRL.

Octabrain nest
- rooms filled with octabrains, slimed babes and/or protozoid eggs
- monsters need to stay put inside until Duke finds them
- octabrains/protozids won't be able to open doors, but in DoomRL vaults get opened by enemies from the outside very often, and the monsters inside tend to swarm the level
- isn't there a door in Millitary Base that is ignored by formers until player opens it? That would be helpful, unless it is scripted
- enemies buched up in such rooms would be easily cleaned up by rocket launcher, so there should be an appropriate penalty for killing babes.

More later

Level types

- Levels in episodes 1&3 should often resemble LA streets. I'm thinking that the game would first generate a "street"; an open area dividing the rest of the map into two or three separate buildings. I have something like a proof concept map for DoomRL, though I don't have it with me right now.
- level exit would be always generated in one of the buildings, player would always spawn elsewhere, and the main entrance(s) to each building could be sometimes locked, with the key being placed in one of the different buildings
  - obviously, two buildings can't contain their respective keys
- the locked doors could be circumvented by exploding some randomly generated "cracks".
- The division of the map into "buildings" and "street" would maybe allow the Recon Patrol Vehicles to exist, if they could be prevented from flying indoors.

More later

Character advancement


There are two kinds throughout the Duke games - normal (shake it baby!) and slimed (kill me). When you kill any of them, enemies usually spawn as a punishment. Slimed babes can be rescued in the heavily censored Duke 64 and there are gun-wielding babes in Land of the Babes, but those two fringe cases can be ignored.

The main purpose behind the babes - eye candy - isn't gonna work in ASCII, so we need to find a new one. There should be a reward for not killing (interacting with?) the babes, a punishement for killing them (or letting them die) and possibly both reward and punishment for killing the slimed ones.

Obviously, killing babes should spawn enemies that don't give XP when killed, kinda like the spawn enemies levers in DoomRL. The slimed ones usually spawn octabrains, though the others can spawn any other monsters. Oh, and these enemies teleport in, they don't jump out of the babes, so they can spawn away from the killed babe, preferably around Duke.

As for rewards, my first idea was to have them replenish Ego when interacted with. This would be infinite, but the action itself would take relatively long, so Duke could be surprised by enemies and their fire could easily kill the babe, spawning more of them. Of course, that would mean Duke would leave any level where there is a babe left alive with full Ego, but on the other hand, why not?

Second idea is for the babes to give Duke different random limited powerups. A few turns of invulnerability, a few turns of greater damage, ego boost etc. This would motivate players not only to keep them alive, but to try and interact with them in the middle of the action, with the rewards possibly outweighing the danger.

As for the slimed babes, they wouldn't grant these bonuses. I'm not sure if there should be some reward for killing them. I always did in Duke despite the enemies that spawn after, but there wasn't any motivation for doing it.

Oh, and in reply to yaflhdztioxo, unmovable, interactive barrels sounds about right. That's what they were in Duke 3D (actually, you could script much more interesting things with barrels than with Babes in that game)



L.A. Meltdown
- boss: Battlelord

Lunar Apocalypse
- boss: Overlord
- should have quite different layouts from the other two
- no Pig Cops, but plenty of protozoids

Shrapnel City
- boss: Cycloid Emperor

The Birth
- boss: Alien Queen
- expansion only

Story texts


--- Quote ---"A babe, a stogie, and a bottle of Jack. That's what I need right now."
Duke mused on his recent defeat of the Rigelatins, his voice raspy even in his thoughts. After single-handedly saving Earth --again-- he was ready for a long period of lying the hell down.
"And no more freakin' aliens".
Just then, a white-hot plasmatic blast punched through the hull of his cruiser. Klaxons flared, warning lights flashed, and static filled his monitors. He flipped on his comm.
"Hey, anybody out there? I got a little probl..." Duke started.
"Mayday! Mayday!" the radio replied. "Los Angeles is under Attack! There are aliens everywhere, an they've mutated the LAPD. Is anyone there? We need help!--". The transmission went silent.
"Great," Duke grumbled as his careening ship missed a skyscraper, "What's the problem with all these aliens attacking Earth anyway? How many alien races have to get their asses kicked?"
Duke slammed his fist into the waiting eject button.
"I guess one more."

--- End quote ---

Battlelord defeated

--- Quote ---After wiping the blood and brains from his boots, Duke explored the alien ship. Monitors showed a titanic alien ship hovering above Earth, with dozens of smaller ships off loading green cocoon like pods. One showed them in close up: They all held women, still alive. Just like the ones Duke encountered. Duke glowered in the pale green monitor light, and set the auto destruct sequence on the alien ship. He stared at the screen once again.

"No one steals our chicks," sneered Duke, "and lives."

--- End quote ---

Overlord defeated

--- Quote ---Duke cracked his knuckles and smirked, "I need a stiff drink... a shower... and, a soft-skinned belly to lie my head on."
A nearby monitor flickered on, and an incredibly ugly face spoke an ominous message: "The moon assault Overlord has been defeated, as was our Battlelord on Earth. But while Duke Nukem has been distracted, our main attack wave has begun its final assault on Earth. We shall obliterate all resistance."
"Guess again, freakshow," Duke growled. "Duke's coming back to town, and the last thing that's gonna go thru your mind before you die... Is my size 13 boot!"
--- End quote ---

Reserved just in case


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