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Request for Help : Monsters Needed!

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Kornel Kisielewicz:
Once I add the daycount (and the campaign) mode, there will be a need to add more monsters. This is no easy task, because I wan't them to be recognizable and different from each other (I think DoomRL manages that almost fine). Also I would like to keep the number of ranged opponents low. So please post your ideas! It's not the stats and the names that are important here, but the way the monster will differ from the others!

Help me brainstorm :)

Monsters that can make a kind of.. "low level teleportation" but random..  3-4 tiles.. they are in front of you, then behind.. and so on.

I think a monster symbol should be attached to each suggestion, based on anything the writer considers important - e.g. 'n' for Getix's monster because RL players will affiliate that with a NetHack nymph, or for ninja, jumping around too fast to see, which seems more related to the theme.

As someone who hasn't watched Berzerk!, should I be giving ideas anyway?

Kornel Kisielewicz:
Berzerk! is a 1980 drama, we're talking about the Berserk Anime/Manga :P. And yes, your ideas are welcome -> just remember that all the enemies are demonic. And it's not the "kind" of enemies I have problems, it's the unique abilities that I have problems with -- ergo -> just give me an "idea" for monster behaviour/abilities and I'll make the monster ^_^.

First I'll try to do a monster template for everyone to use, so at least we have some kind of standarization. Kornel, feel free to get another standard profile running if you don't like mine:

--- Code: ------Monster template---


Attack type:

Special Abilities:


--- End code ---

Use adjectives when referring to Strength, Dexterity and Speed, not numbers. I think it's Kornel who should set up all the values as he feels like putting.

I suggest using this adjective table, from worst to best, blatantly stolen from Fudge (the best RPG system EVAR)

Abysmal -> Terrible -> Poor -> Mediocre -> Fair -> Good -> Great -> Superb -> Legendary

Fair is what a normal human would have for that stat.

On Special Abilites, and Behaviour, just try to describe them the better you can.

Ok, so here goes my first try at a character:

--- Code: ------Monster template---
Name: Imp (?)

Strength: Poor
Dexterity: Good
Speed: Great

Attack type: Melee

Special Abilities: Flies over terrain. Perhaps uses a burning attack.

Behaviour: Hits the player and goes back out of his melee range whenever possible. Hit and run tactics. Tries to end up in open terrain to avoid being cornered.

--- End code ---


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