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I was wondering what other DoomRL (and aliensRL, diabloRL, and Beserk!) fans would suggest for branching out to other games in the genre.  Note that i'm more considering it as a "must try" list, thus historically important roguelikes (like rogue) might be on the list.  Also, a brief description on what sets it apart would be helpful for sorting purposes.

ADOM, one of the greatest of roguelikes, recently went back into development

Dwarf Fortress. Need I say more?

Ok- in case I do, here's why I'd suggest it. Incredibly in-depth systems for combat, environmental interaction, and fortress construction. I mean, where else could you fight a sasquatch, chop one of its arms off, pick up said arm, then beat the still-living creature to death with its own arm? Also, magma cannons for fortress defense; that is in fact a thing. Also, Dwarf Fortress has some of the best-looking ASCII I've yet seen in a roguelike, and there are a lot of graphics packs available.

Game Hunter:
Should we be assuming that, as a fan, you want to play games that apply the similar feel of Chaosforge roguelikes, or are you really looking for just about anything in the genre? I say this only because I believe it makes a big difference when it comes to what sort of roguelike you'll be interested in.

Chaosforge roguelikes are somewhat unique in that they're pretty fast-paced when it comes to doing things, and there's almost never any time where you make a stash, retrace your steps, grind out some experience or items, et cetera. In essence, this is what tends to define the subset of "coffeebreak" roguelikes, although you'll hear plenty of differing opinions there so let's not get into that. By contrast, many of the major roguelikes are going to have you spend extra time doing things unrelated to combat (unless you're really good at them, but in such games this is technically handicapping yourself with an ironman challenge): some of them are better at handling this than others, but in general if you don't mind it then it's rarely a significant hassle.

With this is mind, if you're looking for stuff similar to what we have here at Chaosforge, I'd suggest the following:

* Infra Arcana takes place in a H.P. Lovecraft setting, complete with sanity as a major element of the game. It's challenging from the get-go, and you have plenty of melee and ranged combat mixed into your descent toward madness.
* MageGuild uses a combination of intrinsic and extrinsic magic to give the player an enormous variety of options while playing. It gets tough fast, but once you get the hang of it you'll be able to get out of just about any situation.
* Drakefire Chasm is a quickie, originally constructed as a 7DRL, but it's intense and keeps you on your toes. There's a leveling system based on corpse-eating, and boss-like areas every few floors. If anything, it's worth playing just to get to the ridiculously hectic final level.
* Delver, with a first-person perspective, and Spelunky, as a platformer, aren't turn-based in the slightest, but they certainly meet my own criteria of how the genre can take root in a variety of gaming mediums. They go by quickly, but you'll probably keep wanting more if you like what they've been mixed with.That's a good number for now, I'd say. If you're really looking to get into a major roguelike but want to keep it simple, Brogue is the best place to start. Technically you can backtrack, but it's very rarely for anything other than trying to escape enemies (if that, since some can follow!). It's pretty faithful to the original, in fact: I like to think of it as the "HD remix" with loads of extra content.

I'm not really asking chaosforgue fans because i want to play more chaos forge style games, but just because A:  you are easy to ask, and B:  this weeds out suggestions from players that HATE doomrl style games for whatever reason [while someone here giving suggestions may like something about doomrl that i don't care about, it more cuts down on people loving some aspect of a game that i'm bound to hate.]

So for suggestions, i'm open to anything, perhaps this could just be more a discussion of what people think of other roguelikes rather than a straight up recommendation page.  When it comes to being doomrl like, it is sorta hit and miss.  If it has aspects similar to doomrl, it may be great for a doomrl player, however it is also in danger of not being different enough, where you would play it and wonder "why don't i just play doomrl instead."

Brogue is my 2nd favourite that i've tried so far, and is definately the best at feeling like an exploration that i've tried so far (now that i think about it, good level generation algorhythms [doomrl, brogue] vs bad level generation algorhythms [hengband, any room and cooridor generation] has made or broke what little i've tried of what few games i've tried).


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