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Author Topic: You pull the lever... The floor explodes into lava! (sigh)  (Read 5109 times)


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Re: You pull the lever... The floor explodes into lava! (sigh)
« Reply #15 on: February 28, 2013, 00:46 »

you can just open wiki page and read. You know what you can expect from game
ouch, we starting about instadeath when I mentioned ADoM )) of course you can download a big ADoM spoiler manual and read - and you know what can you expect from game :P
Without a lot of spoilers any rogue-like game need a dozens of fiasco. You start the game, die, try again and again, and die again and again ))) It's ok.

even with spoilers, even with experience - we still can die and not once
Once advanced DoomRL player
Find mysterious sword Dragonslayer
Say "Best thing ever found!" and start jumping around...
But he can't get the sword from the ground
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