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Samples broken in trunk?

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I'm tempted by 7drl and Kornel's 7-year old rant in R.G.R.D., so trying Valkirye now.
Though, I cannot compile valktest.pas - it uses a bunch of outdated modules.
I expected to find a working and playable example there, is this the case?

Kornel Kisielewicz:
Woah, I didn't even know that these are still in the SVN... there wasn't much interest of using the library except for my own roguelikes, so I dumped the idea of documenting and providing examples altogether...

Nowdays the closest thing to a small working example would be DownFall ( ) but it also might be buggy. If there's enough interest I might someday document the library.

Apart from DownFall, two open source ChaosForge roguelikes also use it -- DiabloRL ( ) and Berserk! ( ).

Thanks a lot!
Indeed this is a good, simple and playable example.
Tried it. Free Pascal IDE is so nostalgic and so outdated...
Inventory screen is empty in the Downfall I built from trunk, whatever I pick up.
Now trying how complex is it to debug it...

Kornel Kisielewicz:
I'd definitively recommend using Lazarus over FPIDE.

A pity IDEA doesn't support FPC. It would empower it so much, maybe even more than the expected C++ linking.
I'm afraid I'm going for rot.js, sorry.


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