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No preferences, but I'm definitely in.

...and that makes 4 contestants.

Since the steam punk idea has been sending sparks through the grey matter for the last couple of days, it's going to be just that. The setting will be 19th century London, England in a copy of our own world, where Aether - the fabled fifth element - has been both the shepherd and the wolf in the evolution of man since the dawn of time. More details to follow.

First, I'll be wanting confirmation of up to four players. If more turn up, the people who have responded up until now will have preference.

Ok, consider this my confirmation then. Should be fun! :D

Good stuff. I'm counting Klear's last post as well, considering we were already in touch about this beforehand.

In the meantime, please take a moment to read this, and possibly some of the stuff it links to. I'm not going to simply copy it into the game, but it gives a nice basis from which to extrapolate Steam Punk Earth.

Already read it =)

BTW, any chance you could incorporate Phlogiston into the setting? It's my favourite scientific blunder, probably because I like the sound of it. Phlogiston... =)


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