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1899 - The Hidden Hands of the Aether

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Josie jumps to her feet. A quick look around the room tells her it has not been improved by the rat-hunt. Tears of regret and frustration well up in her eyes as they turn back to their normal color. Checking her hands, she stands there for a second, wondering what to do. She has to open that door and  face the fact that she won't be able to explain herself properly. Her normal hands search the pocket of her apron till they close themselves around the key. The first tear hits the floor as she puts the key into the lock and makes it turn. The thought of Mrs. Feather discovering her secret makes her stomach turn, how could she have been so careless just seconds before. Now the rush of the hunt has gone she feels like using her powers here was an insult to the trust Mrs. Feather put in her. Angry at herself she quickly wipes the tears from her face with the apron and opens the door to face her proper punishment.

Just outside the room Mellie stands waiting, arms crossed and looking stern. "Is there anything you have to say for yourself?", she asks, and after two or three seconds you see her face trying not to contort itself as she realizes that, no, you are highly unlikely to say anything, especially at this point. She drops her arms with a sigh and says: "Oh, why do I have such a big soft spot for you, lass? Come on, in you go so you can explain to me what's going on." She ushers you through the door, takes a moment to survey the room - which, apart from the broken bedpan doesn't look all that bad - and then looks at you expectantly.

In the common room everything's back to normal. The guests are enjoying their drinks, dinners and conversation, and the waitress shortly returns to the table to inform Malachi and Thaddeus of the rather impressive range of dishes they can choose from, recommending the chef's carrot chowder.
While you are making up your mind, another new guest catches Malachi's eye as he walks past your table and towards the bar. It's Joshua, and although you two have never talked that much, both of you are aware of the other's reputation, and his gives you a respectful nod, only slightly tinged by the dark look he forever seems to wear.
To Thaddeus realizing that his chaperone generally seems to rub shoulders with dangerous looking character with aethertech implants can do no less than spark excitement.

Malachi nodded to Joshua and considered, he wasn't a superstitious individual but only a fool would ignore the signs that a storm was approaching.  The bounty hunter was a hard man, not necessarily a bad one but as often as not, people like him were load stone attracting the iron of discord into their orbit.  Add that to the strange man who was here earlier, something was going on and he began to doubt a quiet night was waiting for him.

When the waitress return he ordered the beef with yorkshire pudding and gravey, black bread with butter and vegetables. "Keep an eye on that one." He said to the boy, if we see some excitement here tonight, he'll be in the thick of it."

He waited until the food arrived to get to the meat of their converation. "Now tell me, what i it you're hoping I'll be able to do for you?" He asked.


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