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1899 - Under the Sign of the Lock and Feather

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This thread, named after the pub which will feature in the Hidden Hands of the Aether campaign, is meant for discussion of the campaign, of roleplaying and PBFs, of steam punk, and any other related topics.

Admission is free for everyone, but there's a three drink minimum.

S.K. Ren:
Just read through your setting and all I can say is props. I tried running a custom system once and collapsed under the weight of not enough preparation so good luck. I might pitch in depending on how your system fleshes out. Hope you don't mind me posting here since the interest thread seemed to have moved on to PMs

Also, I'll take a Rusty Cog on the rocks.

Thanks for the support; as I wrote down in the main thread, the system is heavily borrowed, but the setting is all being drawn into existence as we speak. I've been both a player and a gamesmaster in a number of winging-it pen&paper stories (currently overseeing a story in Vampire: The Requiem set in Chicago; all I did was establish some basic facts and I'm making up the rest as we go along. Hell, I haven't even set a goal for the players, they're doing that themselves. Great lot), so on PBF, where you have chances aplenty to just take a moment and gather your thoughts, it doesn't seem so daunting to me.
I'll just have to work out the last bits of setting and come up with a good plot or two.

Feel free to drop back in when the story's running, we'll see what can be arranged.

As to your drink...

Pop quiz: for the 1899 world, I'm looking for 2 words to replace the terms 'Western world' (to be more or less synonym with 'known world') and 'Far East'. I've come across 'Occident' and 'Orient' already, but they don't quite fit what I have in mind. The words don't necessarily have to be related and can be based on anything - as long as it sounds good and more or less speaks for itself, I'll give it a shot. Feel free to dump your ideas on this thread, thanks.

Hmm.. that's a tough one. The only idea I've had so far is First/Second world, though that would really work only if something similar to the Cold War was happening between these locations, so I'm guessing not.

Just a little note - I believe what you're searching for is a name for these parts of the world as used by people living in the Anglican Republic. So they'd for example call the Eastern area Orient, because it is East of them, but calling themselves Occident would be much more rare, since the Anglican Republic isn't to the West, it's here.

One more thing to add to brainstorming... what's the situation with colonialism? Couldn't that be used as a basis for making up a name? Hmm.. but then, America is already colonized, so the Old World/New World dichotomy belongs probably there...


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