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1899 - Under the Sign of the Lock and Feather

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--- Quote from: Klear on April 11, 2013, 17:39 ---Just a little note - I believe what you're searching for is a name for these parts of the world as used by people living in the Anglican Republic. So they'd for example call the Eastern area Orient, because it is East of them, but calling themselves Occident would be much more rare, since the Anglican Republic isn't to the West, it's here.
--- End quote ---

Sharp as always, although IRL the Western world in fact calls itself the Western world on a regular basis. Interesting observation though.

Yeah, I realized that as I was posting that. Still, I believe that it might either be a sign of the modern politically correct times, or something caused by the need to include the USA in the term. What struck me was that while Orient was/is used relatively frequently, Occident isn't nearly as prominent as a descriptor.

Right. Since it'll be another while before I have all the details cooked up, I'm going to skip the less important parts and complete the bits on religion, life in England and the missing bits from the system info (health, damage and willpower). Shouldn't take me too long, and all the other stuff can be filled in as we go along.

Meanwhile, I want to see some characters. I know Klear has already made good progress, with a great background story. I need another PC to act as his 'mentor' - in some ways you could say he's actually the biggest lab monkey anyone's ever seen - with a scientist/alchemist/Mage background. Any takers?
Besides that, I could use a cop (inspector or some such rank), simply because that'd be an easy character to hook adventure type stories on. If no one wants to play him, no big deal, I'll make up something else.

On the outset, I'd like to give the following mild restrictions to the characters: you all have decently operating moral compasses, even if they don't always point exactly due north (or South, as is more appropriate in this setting), and your characters know each other at the start of the story. If you can't come up with an elaborate background for this, simply being regular visitors of the Lock and Feather, where you found out you could easily have a good talk with each other, will do.

Ready, set, ponder.

Aight; things are going as smoothly as I'd hoped, but let's continue anyway and start building characters. Klear, thelaptop, bfg9001; please reply on the main thread and post your character. Doesn't matter if it's complete, accurate or final yet, anything that shows what we'll be dealing with is great. We'll get some discussion going, have questions answered and ultimately have the posts updated to definitive character sheets.

Fire at will.

I'll see if I can do it in the evening. I know it's a matter of copy-pasting it, but I have work to do right now unfortunately.


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