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1899 - Under the Sign of the Lock and Feather

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It seems you didn't miss much. I'll try and get a hold of the other two, since for some reason they appear struck dumb.


1) I have had a chat with esther, who isn't going through her happiest patch IRL at this moment. I know she loves to do this stuff, but I also know that this isn't the best time for her to be doing this.
2) Cole is refusing to respond to anything, even though he pops up online every now and then.
3) I've seen nor heard any sign of Klear since his last post on this forum.

With great displeasure and moderate annoyance, I'm calling it quits. I tried, others tried, it's not working. Makes me want to say bad words.

To those that invested time and effort in it, thanks, I appreciate it. To those that only watched the show, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

To anyone reading this: feel free to use the setting I conceived; some form of credit would be nice. Be advised that the system isn't mine, and will therefore probaly be removed from the thread by the time you read this. Buy the World Of Darkness book so that they may continue to produce kick ass stories/games.

Since apparently it is appropriate to signify tragic events like this with a quote, I will comply, but keep it short:


Richard Batsbak, Rikkert Biemans, Gerrie van Boven, Barrie Butsers, Robbie Schuurmans, et al.


Sorry to see game pass away.  It happens far to often with games. 

Best wishes to everyone, see you on the boards.

Dee, thank you for all your efforts.  Good luck in your next game.


Thanks, and same to you. It was great talking to you, you are a fount of stories waiting to happen. Maybe next time...


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