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Greatest user-friendly guide ever. Stickied and added to the wiki would be great.

A note concerning Juggler. The benefit it gives is not "just" for the swapped Z weapon.

It's also for all base weapons which can be accessed from 1 to 9 in the keyboard. You can instantly swap for example to shotgun/chaingun/plasma rifle/rocket launcher or even the BFG this way. If more than 1 choice is available aka 2 chainguns, the one with the most bullets loaded is always preferred. Also this does not stop on just the base weapons but also extends to their derivative crafted items, such as a gatling gun, or a hyperblaster.

Someone also has mentioned that weapons can be insta-swapped with the mouse wheel too. Haven't tested it though. I always forget.

Hmmm... because brings SO MANY changes, it looks like I'll have to update my updated sylph-guide even MORE with some of this info.

I've edited the corrections in (thanks!), and added a diagram showing the rough areas affected by each type of shotgun blast.

EDIT: Actually, I think that diagram is wrong.  I'll fix it later tonight.

Diggin' this! Great work so far.

Nice guide.
My imho:
Hellrunner is useful to all builds. Even if you're playing rapid-fire or pistol build.
Also making fireproof red is mostly a waste for MMB build (unless for Cybie or purpose written lower). With default red you'll take more than one damage if attack deals more than (1+4)*4=20 damage. And rolls of 21 and higher are pretty rare.
Small trick(not sure, perhaps it's obvious) : assembling fireproof armor restores your durability to 100. So first you can use red armor, then use bulk mod when it gets damaged, then when it's nearly destructed slap T-mod and once again you got armor with 100/100.
It's pretty much the same with ballistic armor: simple red reduces nearly all damage from melee,shotgun and bullets to 1. No need to assemble ballistic red.

Oh, and please don't call Blademaster the weakest of melee builds. With powerful weapon(LS/AS/DS/double chainsaw) you can rip any number of enemies without even getting hurt if you're fast. And MBm can be very fast.

Added: EE and pistols. Basic pistols have 74% chance to hit the target on the edge of vision. With EE1 this gets improved to 91% on the edge. That's very noticeble.

Added2: SoB works perfectly well with shotguns. Everyone knows how powerful MAD is, but as most of the enemies have 2 armor, in terms of effect it's the same as taking SoB4 and not having MAD. Now what happens if you have both MAD and levels in SoB? Exactly.


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