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Taking a note from our beloved Doom Text Adventure set up-I decided to create on of my own. Basing it off of the FPS multiplayer game tribes-which is really moddable by the way-wanted to test my self in creative writing.

Here's a break down-Armor determines your four basic stats. You have four base stats-Strength-nessicary to wield weapons, Mobility-this is how fast that particular armor can move, and of course, the traditional health and energy.

Health-how much punishment that particular armor can take before its breached-it runs out, so do you.
Energy-Nessciary to fire energy weapons and use jet packs-recovers over time.
Jumping-Light class armors can jump 30 ft per 1 energy, mediums 20, and heavies 10

Damage-weapons all inflict a certain, set amount of damage-hitting requires you to roll his mobility and your weapon accuracy. If less or equal-direct hit-if greater than-miss.

Now to do.

Mission Briefing: You are part of the Marauders-an Elite Mercenary unit operating in the Tribal Wilderzone, taking jobs from the various factions and otherwise making a pretty penny plus causing a little mayhem in the process.

Your team was sent on assignment after being hired by the Starwolves to investigate a loss of contact on an ice planet called Tyr’s Cradle-a frostbitten hellhole of a planet where temperatures can suddenly shift from 5 degrees to two hundred below. Since you’re the new guy, you got left on the ship to monitor the communication and secure the LZ-one boring job. After making sure that no one who wasn’t supposed to be there wasn’t there-not to mention you nearly froze your ass off-you went back into the nice warm cockpit and leaned over the console, a hot steaming cup of joe beside you.

Only funny thing is-you haven't been able to contact anyone since they left-and that was over two hours ago. Now its up to you-you need to find some way of reestablishing contact with the squad, or the very least find away off this rock-the ship's pilot went in with them, which makes you wonder what the intelligence of that was, but their is nothing you can do about it now.

Alrighty-let's do this


Semi-Powered Armor
Needle Pistol
20 Needle Shots
Repair Patch

What do you do?

Exits: comm room-south


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