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Tourist mod: walk through Hell like a Boss! + Infinity module

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1. Why this cheaters armor not 100% resist all and has durability?

Because for debug purpoces I want to see when I hurt. Well, if you want, change code and customize it.

2. Why this cheaters pistol not 100d100 and no-ammo?

Because I need some not so powerful for getting corpses sometimes. For checking situation with arch-viles. And if you need more ammo, you can B-mod it in game. Depleting ammo is a signal for player that situation becomes hot. Great when work with custom design and test it.

No-no, no super-nuke. I'm a greedy munchkin, I want to get anything valuable. And "Massacre" not equivalent "Nuke and survive" ;) Actually I suppose look for every being on level and set hp to 0. All die, drop equipment, much more safer.

White Rider:
I've always wanted some kind of mode where I can destroy everything I see without having to work my way up to it.
Thank you for this stress-reliever mode.

Finally, added massacre for blade alt-fire.

--- Code: ---  altfirename = "MASSACRE!",
 OnAltFire = function(self, Being)
   ui.msg("Smell of blood surrounds you...")
   for it in level:beings() do
   return true

--- End code ---


I just found this mod and I'm loving all but one aspect. It corrupts it's own save game. I save on the stairs and when I try to continue the game tells me that the save is corrupted and deletes it. Anyway to fix this, or a workaround?


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