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The Elevator of Dimensions (0.9.2)

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I don't have the actual release of 0.9.2 (it looks like the only "official" version I have is maybe 0.8.1), but I have dev copies of add's mods that were in the old Chaosforge svn repo (although maybe not the absolute latest versions). Not sure what changes this entails besides some updating to account for changes in the base game. This doesn't work with DRL, but it mostly works with the github version. So, I could maybe post a Windows binary of my github fork with a fixed version of dev Elevator, or I could try to downgrade dev Elevator to (maybe not that hard, but I don't really remember all the changes off the top of my head). Or you could wait and see if someone else like Tormuse can share the actual release of 0.9.2.


--- Quote from: pika132 on April 06, 2022, 14:11 ---I know this forum, and this game, and this whole site are dead as hell, but I'd really like to download this mod and the link doesn't work =(

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Here.  I just threw my copy on my Google Drive.  Try this link.  :)


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