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Each time you kill something that grants you XP, one of your equipped item (weapon, armor, boots) will strengthen with 1 of the following :

Weapon :
fire speed
reload speed
magazine size
damage dice
damage side
number of shots
ammunition cost of shots
damage type
explosion size (only for weapons already having splash damage)
special (flags, ie : regenerating ammo)

Armor/boots :
armor rating
speed bonus
knockback resistance
special (flags again, such as no durability, no breaking...)

note on automated mode :
Automated mode will always (randomly) choose for you what will upgrade. Denying automated mode will give you a small chance (7%) to choose by yourself what item you wish to see upgraded. However it slows the gameplay down a bit since you have to go through a confirmation process.

Due to the inherently imbalanced nature of such a mod, I put most of my efforts to keep it balanced (early version made me steamroll the game at any difficulty)
Actually, I think I put more hours playtesting and tweaking than actually writing stuff.

The mod is RAW (how do I maek wad?)

download mirror [1.0.2]


imbalanced indeed. Starting pistol becomes overpowered at dlevel 3 - no any other weapon needed anymore, with this 15d8, accuracy 15, firetime 0.1s pistol!

maybe need cap damage and accuracy for weapon group.

armor gain near nothing. +1% resist something not a big boost. +1 durability is mistake maybe - you add durability but not durability_max.

but it funny enough, thanks for module!

Impressive.  Although it crashes in console mode :/

I'll try to figure out why later.

Sounds fun. Have to try it later. BTW, maybe it could be balanced so that when you kill an enemy, all future enemies of that type get evolved the same way your equipment does? Might be impossible though.

Nice work.  Balancing is needed, but great work.  Got fraged in hell because I let myself loose focus.


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