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Author Topic: Crash on Ao100-Died on Lava  (Read 705 times)


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Crash on Ao100-Died on Lava
« on: May 01, 2013, 08:55 »

I was playing an Ao100 run as Marine HMP. I died on lava (suicidal) wearing fireproof protective boots and red armor.

When I died, I got an error message:

Code: [Select]
Timestamp   : 5/1/2013 10:51:19
Message     : Fatal exception encountered

An unhandled exception occurred at $0046E619 :
ELuaException : LuaError: cells.29.OnEnter -- Access denied
  $0046E619  TDOOMLUA__ONERROR,  line 435 of src/doomlua.pas
  $00457F16  TLUASYSTEM__PROTECTEDCALL,  line 1476 of e:/Projects/fpcvalkyrie/src/vluasystem.pas
  $0045D0C2  TLEVEL__CALLHOOK,  line 564 of src/dflevel.pas
  $004A3496  TBEING__ACTION,  line 1239 of src/dfbeing.pas
  $004A361B  TBEING__CALL,  line 1264 of src/dfbeing.pas
  $0041F64F  TDOOM__RUN,  line 378 of src/doombase.pas
  $00401CC5  main,  line 111 of src/doomrl.pas



I keep seeming to get this error, when I have a focused double shotgun in my hands
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