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How do I change default melee damage? Also, timers.

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I can't get the weapons sounds working.

I copied straight from elevator into my main.lua :

--- Code: ---core.declare("FixAllSounds")
FixAllSounds = function() end

function mymod.OnEnter()
FixAllSounds() end
--- End code ---

and then into my items.lua

--- Code: ---local FixSounds = function()
items["meleeweapon"].sound_attack = core.resolve_sound_id("lostsoul.melee")
FixAllSounds = core.create_seq_function(FixSounds, FixAllSounds)
--- End code ---
Aaaaand... it's not working.

Am I missing something there?
I also tried a very similar method from metal gear rl and no chance either. I just don't get it.

To be honest I have no idea which of the sound hacks is currently working.  The sound engine is a weakness in DoomRL and I've had to do different things across different versions.

The only thing that I know works for certain is naming your sound after the property you want to bind it to.  That requires no assigning or specialized Lua code whatsoever.

The problem with that is that I don't use custom sounds, as you can see.

Copy, paste, rename.

Or you can try experimenting and see if something else works...

I just tried this as well and it doesn't work...
All I seem to have left is trying to change my weapons into ranged weapons and trick them to work like melee weapons... But that's really dodgy and I am not even sure I'll be able to bind these melee sounds to the missiles.


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