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Poll : Dissalow "wait" during berserk mode?


Kornel Kisielewicz:
This was brought up before, and I decided that it's enough of an issue to make a separate poll out of it.

The pro's
-- it is in the spirit of true Berserk!
-- it would give another disadvantage to berserk mode (what I like)

The con's
-- it would be annoying

Cast your vote and gimme your opinion!

Well to give it berserk spirit you need to avoid sidestepping (or people which will wait just dodge and let the creature to come near - this WILL be annoying). If you can and WILL implement that each round of berserk you have to use wapons or go one step in direction of some creature(no running away while berserk!?!), then dissalow wait. Otherwise - dodge, dodge, dodge...boored.
.......     ........
.@.M => ........ no need for wait, but really annoying.
.......     .@M...

I agree with vodnyk. You would have to disallow running away if you were to disallow waiting to keep in the "spirit" of berzerk. And most of the time waiting is just a necessary meta-gaming technique required by turn-based and tile-based games, so not allowing it does not make much sense to me.

I voted no, for the reasons the above posters mentioned. Imposing arbitrary restrictions upon berserk mode will only make people not put any points in willpower whatsoever.


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