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Ultimate Carl:
Anyone tried this, yet? I'm dying to, but my cell is really old. My lack of funds and wealthy friends interested in Doom is going to keep me from playing this game probably ever. I'm hoping they port it to a handheld system or something. Looks awesome and it had nice reviews. I'd forgotten about Doom RL until I saw this, and I'm glad I did. I forgot how much I love this game despite my survival rate.

Which reminds me... I realize RLs are hard, especially this one, and that repeated tries are expected, common, and even part of the fun, but... Geez, I've only even made it to the Wall twice, and both times I managed to NOT have a Rocket Launcher. Am I supposed to get completely dominated as soon as Cacos and Knights show up?

Yes. I do. If I have a Rocket or not, im pretty sure to lose soon when I see Hell Knight and Cacodemon. In fact, its the boring part.

If the double shotgun could take care of them like it does well in Doom I would like it better, and im not even sure if it does since I found this gun once or twice, even around lvl ...3 or so.

Its why I stopped... My life keep ending around there. Im tired of trying again and again, if they take me up close its the end, automaticly. I do not have enough fire power to take them before they deal 75+%, or I can do 75+ damage myself by blowing them with the rocket launcher at close range, doesn't realy matter.

This game IS good, its true, but its too hard.I just... can't do it.

Too bad I don't have a cell, this thing looks fun :'(


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