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Author Topic: Some small BFG related changes? (10k and normals)  (Read 3104 times)

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Some small BFG related changes? (10k and normals)
« on: June 05, 2013, 08:10 »

So looking at the BFGs, they seem pretty good as they are..

However there are two things that bug me:

On the normal BFG's/assemblies the overcharge.
This seems absolutely wasteful. Due of how rare BFG weapons are, limited to one quarenteed per game, I rarely see why anyone in their right mind would ever use the overcharge.
Even in life or death situation it just doesn't seem worthwhile. Only reason I can see using it is for that vanity finishing off a boss with a blast.

Some ideas:
-Keep the mechanic the same but just make it empty the whole clip instead of destroying the weapon altogether.
+2 to dices in damage can be nice but I rather not risk the whole weapon for it.
-Add intense amount of extra damage for the overcharge on BFG's. Hell, why not just flat out double the damage or something? If you're gona risk a rare weapon, better make it worthwhile.
-A completely overhaul for the BFG alt reload. No idea what that could be.

Now the BFG10k.

This weapon is pretty damn nice when you find it. Rapid fire and splash damage? Oh yes.
Seems too good to be true. And sadly, it is.
Using this weapon seems kill the user more than it kills the monsters. Not to mention it eats insane amount of ammo on top of that.
No matter how safely I've tried to use this weapon the result is always the same: Somehow I managed to get myself killed, whenver it's from trying to corner shoot or a little pebble just in the line of sight or monster popping near by. I'm pretty sure this is the same case for almost everyone else too apart from the most super careful players.
Real shame this weapon usualy ends up being scavenged.

Some ideas:

-Reduce the self damage. Half it or something. Just make it bit more merciful for the poor souls that find this weapon and try to use it.
-If not reduce self damage, increase self knockback. Make it so you get punished but not by death.
-IF no changes are made, atleast make a medal for killing yourself with BFG10k so you don't have to feel bad each time it happens.

That's all.
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Re: Some small BFG related changes? (10k and normals)
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2013, 08:45 »

I have never even vaguely contemplated using overcharge on anything, and after my first experience with the BFG 10k, which resulted in my death deep in an AAo666 run, I just pick it up and drop it to register the find. I can also say that even with MAc, the ammo cost is obscene - but I suppose that part, at least, makes sense for a rapidfire BFG.(It's also worth noting that the combination of MAc and N1, the only way to make this a weapon that could be used even occasionally[and still not as a primary weapon - maybe more along the lines of a plasma rifle to a player without MAc in a standard game], are impossible since they come from different classes). I can maybe see it being useful for the JC fight, but even then, there are much more efficient ways to use energy cells, and good luck finding it outside of Ao100/AAo666, anyway, where JC doesn't spawn, his open arena doesn't spawn, and his closest analog prohibits the use of the BFG 10k anyway.

So I agree that some changes need to be made.
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Re: Some small BFG related changes? (10k and normals)
« Reply #2 on: June 05, 2013, 15:10 »

Fully agree about the overcharge, it's completely useless. (Well, I'm sure overcherging a P-modded Biggest-FG could be fun... but worth it ? nah).

For the BFG10K, I don't know... I probably used it only once, to kill JC, and it seemed quite powerful, but I wonder if it has real uses.
I read the wiki before, so I wouldn't have tried to cornershoot with it... and considering the ammo cost, I would not use it as a regular waepon... maybe increasing the clip size, or reducing shots cost could be enough.

Anyway, I don't think BFG are the worse weapons in the game (some double shotties or bullet weapons could be buffed too...), but I think you're right on both points : overcharge is useless, and BFG10K doens't seem that useful, except for a guaranteed nano.
Overcharge is probably quite useless on plasma guns too... of course, you can combine it with juggler to deliver double bursts at the cost of a ton of inventory slots & plasma (guns), but.... is it worth it ?
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Re: Some small BFG related changes? (10k and normals)
« Reply #3 on: June 05, 2013, 18:39 »

1. Weaken the rapidfire BFG and name it BFG 2704 (the beta-model shot from which has been said to "look like Christmas").
2. Make BFG10K assembly based on this.
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Re: Some small BFG related changes? (10k and normals)
« Reply #4 on: June 18, 2013, 23:16 »

"You swallow the power pill!  Your muscles are huge!  You fly into an uncontrollable rage and duel wield your BFGs!"  Power pills will, of course, be a unique item available only in the maze levels.
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