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Maybe some Sensor Mines would add a little more fun to it. What do you think? Damage could be lesser than a frag grenade.

You've got to say more about the mechanics of the suggestion.  "Maybe some X would add a little more fun" is not very informational since what we think of for X is different from what you think of for X.

Kornel Kisielewicz:
The aliens do move when out of sight so this might actually work. As I assume the player never triggers them? If so, it'd be even fun to set them up on your escape path...


--- Quote from: Zinc30 on July 14, 2013, 20:15 ---Maybe some Sensor Mines would add a little more fun to it. What do you think? Damage could be lesser than a frag grenade.

--- End quote ---

This idea has potential and seems both thematic and appropriate.
However, I'm not an expert on ARL Gameplay so I invite those around here that are to come up with a valuable way to implement sensor mines.

KK's point is a good starting concept.

EDIT: Welcome to the forums, by the way!

The first thing I thought of when I read Sensor mines was something along the motion sensor grenades from Battlefield Bad Company 2. (Throw like a grenade, wherever they land they act as a motion sensor for a small radius surrounding the device)

It seems like Zinc's idea is more like a proximity mine that does damage when tripped.

And then I got to thinking... there isn't a motion tracker in A:RL.

I imagine thought was put into this previously. It seems difficult to think of a good way to implement a motion tracking mechanic in a way that meshes well with a turn-based roguelike.

I think it would be useful as a piece of equipment that could be scavenged, perhaps with modules or upgrades that could increase/augment it's effectiveness. Range, angle of scan, accuracy of scan, size of enemy... maybe even a HUD augment that permanently applies the motion tracking to your vision?

A base unit could be helpful in the lowlight areas.. maybe traversing one without a tracker could be extremely dangerous.

Granted, this largely depends on:

how much the aliens themselves are moving (A motion tracker shouldn't show you the location of a static enemy, waiting to ambush); this might mean establishing more patrol paths and incorporating more movement in general

how the tracker would be implemented/displayed (use 1.0 sec to aim, scan, read an area? Separate UI for scanner? Put the red motion dots onto the map, a la int2? Isn't this all quite complicated?)

and usefulness in the current style of the game. Right now, you don't really need a motion tracker because you can put points into perception (and increase your sight distance). If you rely on that and sound queues, a motion tracker would just be icing on the cake.

However, considering how iconic it is in the source material, it seems like it's worth taking a stab at. I really dig AliensRL (managed to actually win a game in the latest version) and I'd love to see it expanded further.

And I like the idea of proximity mines too. As long as the player can trip them too. :)


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