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Hackmaster 4e OOC - Skulls for the GM Shield, Kills for the TPK Throne

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Welcome back, Grand Inquisitor.

Has it really been a few years?  I've not really kept track.  >.<

Malek Deneith:
I meant year, not sure where that "s" at the end came out from *edits*

S.K. Ren:
Oh! This time of the year again? I'm down. I still have Jasper's sheet

Malek Deneith:
Eh, forgot to post here. Long story short it doesn't look like this game will happen - last time around a party of five people went in from what I remember and they got murdered rather handily (granted that they were too stubborn for their own good but still), trying a game with just three seems like a suicide. Going to leave the topic open for some time more but at the moment... yeah, not looking good.

Drat. Might I take this opportunity to point out this wonderful campaign I'm... well... trying to run over here? I could do with some more players, since half of the original four turned out not to turn up. Experience and oodles of time not required.


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