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Doom(RL) Word Soccer Reloaded!

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Since it's a bit over one year since the last pass in the first Doom(RL) word soccer, would you care for a restart and a second match? Let's see if we can break the previous 150 posts count! :)

Rules reminder and update:

* The next word or phrase must begin with the letter, that the previous one ended with.
* The word or phrase must be directly related to DoomRL, Doom or Doom 2, or officially released DoomRL (_not_ Doom) mods. 0.998-exclusive words are not allowed until it's officially released (although it's not in beta-testing yet - but who knows what may come in near future :)). Also DoomRL Extreme Arena-exclusive words are not allowed since this game is available to supporters only.
* More words in a phrase entered are allowed only if they are directly stated in any of the games. So for example "former sergeant" or "Cyberdemon's Head" are fine,as are names of the artifacts/exotics/map names etc. In case of DoomRL, abbreviations are allowed if they are commonly known ("UC", "ITYTD" or "YAAM" are fine, for example).
* Repetitions are disallowed. However, for example "Nightmare!" and "nightmare demon" are two different phrases, and as such they both count.
Anyone in? Let's start where almost every DoomRL game starts - at the ...

Phobos Base Entry

[thelaptop: I didn't do anything more than make the rules easier to read.  Apologies if you feel... violated.  =) ]

Totally skipped out on round 1, so let's try and make up by contributing this time around, showing I'm


YAAM, you boast? Then you better prove it by posting the ...



Can't - left it in the pocket of my

Medical Armor

which, sadly, is at the dry-cleaners.

Well, you can always use a ...


to get řiď of the proof - and perhaps the dry cleaner as well.


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