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White Rider:
Well, DoomRL has a Quick Questions Thread, so I decided to start one for DiabloRL so I don't feel bad about starting individual threads for posting one or two questions. ;)

I'll start off with my own question, which has been bugging me for a while:
When a piece of equipment has a +X% to AC, does the listed AC include the +X% AC bonus?
Example: I'm looking at a Valiant Armor of the Moon [12], which also gives +4 to All Stats and +59% AC.

Yes, [12] includes 59% AC boost to original armor AC value.

What does "Fast Recovery" mean? I would assume it means quicker health or mana regeneration, but neither is present. So, what gives? It doesn't seem to do a thing!

Although I have no experience with DiabloRL, I believe that in the original Diablo it meant it would take you less time to recover from being hit, ie being able to respond sooner.

Ah, thanks!

Also, what stat increases damage done by bows? Is that still strength?
Does having >100 accuracy do anything? I had 103% accuracy, yet I seemed to hit the walls around me more than the enemy.


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