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Malek Deneith:
Prologue - Pick up my sword, it's time to do business

You meet in a tavern over a frosty mug of ale...


... oh how you wish it were that simple. Instead you wake up in what seems a small clerical station, to memories of being beat up by a bunch of thugs, and feeling of whacked heads. Thankfully you don't seem to find any permanent damage - ah the wonders of clerical healing: they take away hurt, leave the pain. There is an acolyte in the room that you are stationed in but it seems he didn't notice you two waking up yet - he seems to be more preoccupied with person lain on the third sickbed. Judging the nonsense the last person seems to be spounting - you catch something about dungeons made of solid gold and guarded by three headed firebreathing ogres - he must have been hit on the head harder than you were, but oddly enough the acolyte seems to be intent on writing down his feverish raving.

Spoiler: "GM Notes" (click to show/hide)Right, decided to go with a slower entry post rather than full out infodump for start so the ball is in your park. Jasper and Gard are awake, Sho Lee is still... unwell, but that won't last long I promise.

Klear - if you appear again and see it: Your character will be worked in somehow at later point, assuming you get back and finish the creation. For now we started three strong just to keep the game going.

...Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwkay... No idea of where I am, can only trust I've been in good hands over the last - what, hours? Days? Hoping against hope these bastards didn't nick all my stuff, or at least not the most important bits. Ezmuth had better have defended those with his life, although I'm not putting any money on it...

Gard is feeling a little peckish, probably, but isn't going to let that distract him. Needing a moment to get his bearings, he decides he might as well spend it useful and listen to what's being said further down the room.

S.K. Ren:
Groggy, Jasper raised himself from the bed. A light touch of his head sends a sharp lance of pain through him, though it quickly dulls. 'Least I appear to be in good care. Slowly he glances about in attempt to locate his belongings, taking note of the robed figure standing next to one of the other beds and the black-skinned elf laying on another.
*psst* "Oi... dark skin. You up?"

Malek Deneith:
Gard tries to listen in to what's happening at third bed but it seems the man in it seems to be coming out of his dreams or hallucinations, whichever they might be - all the elf manages to overhear is his last mumble, something along the lines of "Dead, all dead..."

Gard, not quite expecting the hushed question, takes a moment to let it sink in. When it has, he replies in the same semi-whisper, "Haven't decided yet. You?"

Spoiler (click to show/hide)I do hope this is a gnome (I forgot), which adds a nice touch of insolence to this last question. I've gone ahead and edited my first post; the content has remained the same, I only decided to take the previous campaign's IC thread as an example, put everything in third person and add a little color for Gard's speech/thoughts. Hurts the eyes, don't it? :S


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