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S.K. Ren:
Oh, he's trying to be clever. "Yeah, I think I am. Oi! Cleric!" the Gnome Titan shouted to his immediate regret. Concussions and loud noises mix poorly.

"Nnnghrnh..." Gard replies to the shout, wincing. He opens his eyes carefully, and when no more sudden noise presents itself, risks looking around.

"Ezmuth?" he asks, half mumbling. Then, just loud enough to try and exert some authority "Ezmuth! Haul your miserable self over here and get me something to eat!"

Malek Deneith:
The cleric straightens up hearing voice calling him out from behind. He quickly rolls the scroll he was writing on and puts in a pocket of his robe before standing up and turning towards you.
- "Ah, you have awoken. Well then, now that all of you a... re..." - he pauses and glances at the figure on bed he was sitting near - "...excuse me for a moment."
Acolyte quickly walks up to one of two cupboard standing near the opposite wall, opens it up and takes out a waterskin out from it. Without missing a beat he walks back up to the bed, and splashes large amount of water from the waterskin on face of the third patient. Loud scream of protest and coughing announce that the last person in room came to, as the cleric turns back to Gard and Jasper.
- "As I was saying now that all of you, including Mr. Wu have awoken I'd like to welcome you to this humble abode. Father Johnson told me to bring you three to him once you wake up - I'm sure he can answer all questions you might have. Your clothes are in the other cupboard. Please change into them - I'll wait outside of the room to guide you once you're done." - with that he starts walking towards the door.

Spoiler: "GM Notes" (click to show/hide)Sho Lee Wu is awake now. Pardon me for the slow posting thus far - physical labor has a negative impact on my will to do anything that requires tinking.

All dig and no rest makes Malek a dull boy.
All dig and no rest make sMalek a dull boy.
All dig and no rest makes malek a dull boy.
All di- *AHEM*

Oh and by the way the thread formerly known as interest check is now OOC thread so you don't have to resort to spoiler tags if you want to discuss something OOC

Gard, while carefully getting up, takes a moment to inspect himself for gaping wounds and missing limbs. Provided the counter remains at zero, he goes over to the cupboard the acolyte indicated and goes through his belongings, taking stock.

S.K. Ren:
Finding his personal belongings took little time and even less to strap on his Broadsword and Mask. With the rest of his gear equipped and stowed Jasper took off to join the cleric, eager to ditch the Drow and delusional Human.


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