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Teaser: Remember Doll #1

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It is my great honour to proudly present you with the first glimpse of what is being concocted behind the scenes:

Why does this graphics remind me of good ol' Fallout? :)

Kornel Kisielewicz:
No relation :P

So, mutations and is that a cybernetic arm? Nice. So are the antirads only for diminishing enviromental hazards or your take on the food clock? Should get interesting.

Crazy mutations would be cool (Demonspawn are my favorite race in Dungeon Crawl), but I don't like the sounds of a food clock. Permanent damage like in DoomRL works waaayyy better for a tactical game than 'rest until healed' after every fight, and still drives the player to delve deeper, since you won't find more medpacks in the areas you've already explored. Though, while I'm on a rant here, lemme rattle off an idea (greatly inspired/stolen from an Android game called Hoplite) which would make melee fights (if those would be a thing in Jupiter Hell) more interesting: make melee attacking/defending based on the last move action the character took. Moving toward the target would be full offense. Moving away would be full defense. Moving along side would be some offense, greater chance to dodge. Standing in place would be balanced. Every time you end a move in a space adjacent to an enemy, you automatically make a melee attack (if you have a melee weapon/fists). For multiple enemies, you would be prompted to choose which. So if you moved between two enemies to reach a third, you could do a full attack on that one, while having a greater chance to dodge the sides. Or you could back away from one enemy to attack another. This would take some balancing, of course, and would probably be better in a melee-oriented game than a shooter, since it would be significantly more noticeable there. And I know this is probably not the place for such ideas, but I'm new to this forum and don't rightly know where that would be.


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